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SmartDraw [Commercial - Maintenance (Premium Support) (1-Year) (1) User - Electronic Windows]

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New Features

SmartDraw makes it easy to create presentation-quality visuals including flowcharts, organisation charts, mind maps, project charts and more. Just add shapes with simple commands and SmartDraw does the rest: automatically adding connecting lines and aligning shapes. SmartDraw CI introduces support for creating infographics, new features for more easily creating floor plans, new compact formatting and much more.

What's new in SmartDraw 2017

  • Over 700 new templates for infographics and presentations
  • New floor plan and CAD features including scales and AutoCAD import
  • Visio export in addition to industry-leading Visio import
  • Visio stencil import for SmartDraw on Windows (coming soon to Cloud)
  • Improved electrical engineering drawing
  • New administrative controls for site licenses
  • Powerful sharing with embeddable widget for your blog and websites
  • Full Google integration so you can insert diagrams into Google Docs and Sheets
  • SmartDraw Cloud now lets you view the history of any diagram and restore it to a previous state
  • Improved network design content with detailed connection points
  • Lot of other Cloud improvements including ungrouping of complex symbols and Asian character support

Quickly Create Business Graphics of all Kinds

SmartDraw includes hundreds of specialised templates for every type of chart and diagram, including organisation charts, project charts, decision trees, cause-and-effect diagrams, genograms and more.
  • Flowcharts - easily create professional looking Flowcharts - SmartDraw takes care of the hard work of lining shapes up and drawing connector lines
  • Org Charts - create organisational charts and add assistants, co-managers, photos and more
  • Charts and Graphs - quickly create 2D and 3D bar, line and pie charts
  • Project Charts - manage your projects with SmartDraw. SmartDraw supports defining dependencies, grouping tasks and resources
  • Mind Maps - create mind-maps to brainstorm your ideas and convert them to project charts or export them to outlined text files
  • Floor Plans - create detailed floor plans for both home and industrial use and measure dimensions and distances
  • Software and Network diagrams - import data from an LDAP server and then produce diagrams based off this
  • And much more!

Complete Office Integration

SmartDraw includes a dedicated set of controls for optimising your graphics for PowerPoint, integrating your diagrams into Microsoft Office, importing and exporting project charts from Microsoft Project, importing Visio files and checking in/out support for SharePoint.

Instant Graphic Design

A professionally-designed graphic theme, specifying colours, line and type style, is automatically applied to each graphic. Select and change the theme with a single click.

Project management

Create project charts that automatically adjust and reformat as you add new tasks or change the duration of existing tasks. Use the assignment view to see who is doing what and their progress or generate mind map or timeline views to get an outline of the project.

Assisted Flowcharting

Build flowcharts by clicking simple commands, rather than manually arranging and connecting shapes on the page. Lines are drawn automatically, and formatting is automatic with shapes evenly spaced and perfectly aligned.

Express Charting

Create charts and graphs without having to make a spread sheet first. Simply pick a chart and type your data directly into the bars. You can even drag the bars to represent the right values.

Image Charts

Use pictures and images to display your information instead of standard bars, lines, and circles. Create image charts in seconds by dragging any image - even a photo - onto your chart, and watch your data come alive.

Live Maps

Capture live data from the Internet to incorporate roads, regions, counties, zip codes, countries and even satellite images from across the globe into your illustrations - all as separate, editable elements and easily plot data onto maps.

Integrated Photo Capability

Built-in photo-software functionality allows you to import images directly from your digital camera or other source, crop and scale, adjust colour and brightness, and drop them into org charts or any other illustration.

Meeting automation

Meeting templates let you capture and assign tasks in real-time. Start with a Meetings template and simply add attendees and task to set your agenda. During the meeting, you can quickly and easily set the status of each task and see their progress with colour coded icons to indicate any task that's late or complete.


Create timelines by adding events and tasks. Items are automatically positioned and formatted so they line up correctly and never overlap.

Software and website design

Build software design diagrams with a range of included templates including UML and design websites with wire frame mock ups.

SmartDraw CI Standard

SmartDraw CI Standard Edition includes:
  • 40+ personal visuals covering floor plans, landscape plans, forms, flyers and more.

SmartDraw CI Business Edition

SmartDraw CI Business Edition includes the features of the Standard Edition, plus:
  • Includes 70+ business visuals covering flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, project management, presentations, cause and effect, charts and graphs, decision trees, maps, marketing charts, meetings, network design, strategy and planning, and timelines.
  • Automated drawing tools.
  • Import Visio files.

SmartDraw CI Enterprise Edition

All the functionality of the Business edition, plus:
  • Advanced project management with Kanban boards, distributed tasks, and MS Project integration.
  • SharePoint integration.
  • Bar charts, graphs, Google Maps and more.
  • Advanced process documentation.
  • Lean diagrams, templates and symbols.
  • Strategic planning diagrams.
  • Easy administration of multiple licenses.
  • Includes maintenance - 1 year.
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