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SQL Multi Script [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (3-Years) (Unlimited Server) (15) Users - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Redgate

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Designed to speed up database administration for DBAs and database developers, SQL Multi Script enables fast and easy execution of multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers. A range of features are included in SQL Multi Script to assist change management across your SQL Servers. Whether you want to deploy a script, or fetch data from multiple databases on different servers in parallel, SQL Multi Script saves you time by significantly reducing the steps needed to complete your task. You can configure personalised lists of databases, whether they are situated in test, production or QA environments, to which you can quickly deploy specific scripts. SQL Multi Script also enables easy querying of your databases with an intuitive interface that includes additional features for faster editing.

  • Run scripts to collect easy-to-view aggregated results in grid or text layout
  • Export results as a .csv or .txt file
  • Customise, configure, and save lists of databases on multiple SQL Servers that you can run scripts against for use in the future
  • Set the execution order of multiple scripts
  • Feedback for every database against which a script is executed
  • Create new scripts in an easy-to-use script editor with colored syntax highlighting,
  • Find and Replace, and split-screen editing
  • Cancellation of queries, with a failure behavior menu for you to select what will happen should an error occur on deployment of your script
  • Set up different tabs for individual sets of results
  • Messages from SQL Server displayed for all databases
  • Configure the number of databases against which to run scripts in parallel
  • Execute just the selected text in a script
  • Embedded help in the User Interface for on-the-spot assistance.
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