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SQL Developer Bundle [Commercial - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (3-Years) (14) Users - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Redgate

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Redgate SQL Developer Bundle comes with:

  • SQL Compare Pro - Compare and synchronise schemas
  • SQL Data Compare Pro - Compare and synchronise data
  • SQL Source Control - Provides database source control within SSMS
  • SQL Prompt Pro - Seamless IntelliSense-style code completion and layout
  • SQL Test - Unit test add-in for SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Dependency Tracker - Graphical impact analysis
  • SQL Doc - Multiple database documentation
  • SQL Data Generator - Automatically populate databases with realistic test data
  • SQL Multi Script Unlimited - Execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single click
  • SQL Search - Quickly find SQL in SSMS.


  • Compare and deploy database schemas and contents - Compare and deploy schema and data with a few clicks, or generate SQL scripts to bring them in line, using SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.
  • Database source control within SSMS - Connect your version control system to SQL Server with the SSMS plug-in SQL Source Control, enabling you to source control databases without disrupting your workflow.
  • One-click deployment across multiple servers - Execute multiple scripts against multiple SQL Servers with a single click, for rapid deployment and simpler change management, using SQL Multi Script.
  • Deploy directly from backups or source control - Roll out database changes directly from source control or straight from your backups, with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare.

  • Code SQL effortlessly - Take the routine out of writing SQL, with keyword completion, customisable snippets, and suggestions for complete INSERT, ALTER, and JOIN statements from SQL Prompt.
  • Keep code readable - Make inherited code readable and keep developers working to the same standards, with SQL Prompt's single-click, customisable code reformatting.
  • Visualise object dependencies - Gain a thorough understanding of database structure, including the dependencies between related databases, without leaving SSMS, using SQL Dependency Tracker.
  • Move straight to invalid objects - Track down invalid objects in your database with a few clicks, using SQL Prompt, and generate scripts to help you fix them straightaway.
  • Rapidly create fully-customisable test data - Create realistic, fully-customisable test data in a flash, using SQL Data Generator, to boost your database testing process and to demo databases without sharing private data.
  • Search your databases and navigate straight to the results - Find every instance of a SQL fragment or reference to an object, then locate them in the Object Explorer straight from your results, with SQL Search.

  • Find and fix errors caused by database differences - Pinpoint problematic differences between databases with a few clicks, then automatically bring them in line, using SQL Compare.
  • Eliminate invalid objects - Keep your databases tidy and reliable with a complete list of any invalid objects, including details of the specific problem, using SQL Prompt.
  • Track down inefficient or broken code - Use SQL Search to locate references to missing objects, or inefficient code such as SELECT *, to keep your databases running as smoothly as possible.
  • Restore damaged or missing data to a single row - Take the stress out of database repairs by syncing your lookup data at the row level, using SQL Data Compare.
  • Track database changes to see who changed what, when, and why - Make it simple to follow, manage, and revert database changes, with a complete record of who changed what, when, and why, from SQL Source Control.

  • Store a complete catalog of database changes - Maintain an audit trail of every modification to your schema or data, who made it, and why, with SQL Source Control.
  • Hassle-free database documentation - Eliminate repetitive work, keep teams up to date, and satisfy audit requirements by rapidly generating complete database documentation with SQL Doc.
  • Keep a visual record of database structure - Automatically document the structure of your databases in an easily digestible format, for archiving, reporting, auditing, or database architecture, using SQL Dependency Tracker.
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