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DataPoint is a professional PowerPoint add-on that you can use to update automatically the content of your PowerPoint presentations. Enhance your PowerPoint presentations with real-time content coming from external data sources. All content is updated automatically by DataPoint. Application capabilities:

  • Self updating PowerPoint presentations

- Information display with information coming from various data sources.
- Graphical display of your information in real-time during the slide show.
- Generate new up-to-date presentation with 1 click.
  • Links to external data sources

- Text files - Use a text file in order to link e.g. the content of a list with text fields in PowerPoint.
- Excel worksheets - Link any Excel worksheet and specify which rows and columns you want to use in your presentation.
- Databases - Link any database directly to your PowerPoint presentation. Content from databases like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Informix etc can be linked via a network or internet connection.
  • Link PowerPoint content - You can link all objects of a PowerPoint presentation to external data sources:

- Text (Text and numeric information)
- Charts (linked datasheet)
- Tables
- Pictures
- Video
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