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DashO for Java [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: PreEmptive Solutions

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DashO prevents reverse engineering, compacts and consolidates applications and includes powerful watermarking technology for Java applications. DashO includes patented technology to rename identifiers, encrypt strings, obfuscate metadata and remove debugging information along with clean integration with common build environments. These features, and more, make DashO one of the market leaders in Java application code obfuscation.


  • Cross JAR Renaming
  • Renaming Prefix
  • Overload Induction
  • Incremental Obfuscation
  • Control Flow
  • String Encryption

User Interface
  • Eclipse Integration
  • Command Line
  • Ant Tasks
  • Setup Wizard

Supported Application Types
  • WAR Files
  • Library JARs
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • JSP Tag Libraries

Debugging Support
  • Stack Trace Translation
  • Preserve/Remove Debug Information

Deployment Optimizations
  • Unused Code Removal
  • Const Removal
  • Removal Report

Application Life Cycle Management
  • Embedded Shelf Life Token
  • Default Action on Expiration
  • Custom Action on Expiration
  • Custom Shelf Life Token Source

Runtime Intelligence Support
  • Custom Endpoint
  • Commercial RIS Endpoint
  • Community Portal Endpoint
  • Opt-in/Opt-out Support
  • Application Tracking
  • SSL Messages
  • Keys (Custom Data Payload)
  • Send PII
  • Send Custom Instance ID (Application Serial Number)
  • Feature Tracking

Runtime Intelligence Messages Types
  • Feature Tick
  • Feature Duration
  • Performance Probe
  • System Profile

DashO is a post-development recompilation system and obfuscator for Java applications. It analyses applications and makes them smaller, faster, and harder to reverse-engineer. In short, it makes them better.

DashO Java Obfuscator significantly enhances source code security.

DashO is a third generation Java obfuscation system. It has state-of-the-art technology to make reverse-engineering Java programs nearly impossible.

DashO significantly decreases the size of Java programs.

DashO analyses applications from start to finish and detects exactly what code the application needs. Makes sense doesn't it? Why ship an application with megabytes of third-party libraries which you're not really using.

DashO improves run-time performance.

Java performance is directly related to how the Java runtime executes code. DashO uses its comprehensive analysis to provide clues to Java runtimes so they can work better.

Product pricing is based on number of build machines and the number of licensed developers.

Build Machines: defined as the machine that produces your application's production executables. Machines used for configuration, test builds, and QA are considered build machines.

Licensed Developers: defined as those individuals who are authorised to run DashO on the build machine. It is recommended you license your entire development team.

Note that there are no restrictions on the number or type of applications protected by DashO and the license if perpetual. Software maintenance is on a subscription basis, new licenses include 1 year of maintenance and can be renewed from there.
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