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Nitro Pro for Enterprise [v11.x Commercial - Perpetual Licence (50-99) Per User - Electronic *Non-Cancellable* *Non-Returnable* Windows] boxshot

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Nitro Pro for Enterprise [v11.x Commercial - Perpetual Licence (50-99) Per User - Electronic *Non-Cancellable* *Non-Returnable* Windows]

Published By: Nitro PDF Software

£102.00 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 1237551 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


Nitro PDF Professional gives business professionals easy-to-use set of tools to work with PDF documents enabling anyone to easily create, combine, edit, secure, convert and collaborate with PDF files.

Create + Combine

  • Create 100% Compatible PDFs - Any file created with Nitro Pro can be opened and viewed with Adobe Acrobat and other popular PDF solutions. In addition, Nitro Pro supports more than 300 different file formats.
  • Combine files into one PDF - Simplify your communications - convert multiple files or collections of them into a single, organised, searchable PDF that's easy to share.
  • Scan and print to PDF - Convert files to PDF from virtually any application that can print, or create PDF files direct from your scanner in a single step.
  • Archive with PDF/A - Electronic archiving is critical for businesses and organisations. Creating ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A-1b format documents with Nitro Pro preserves the appearance of - and access to - your electronic archives.
  • Handle forms effortlessly - Fill in, save, and submit any PDF form, including AcroForms, XFA and static or scanned forms. Create your own custom forms with easy-to-use tools: insert text fields, buttons, check boxes, and more.

Edit + OCR
  • Edit with ease - Add, delete, replace, and correct text and images in PDF documents. Page editing tools let you insert, extract, and rotate individual pages, as well as copy and paste text from your PDF into Word and other MS Office files.
  • Manage your content - Keep your documents neat and organized. In addition to assigning page numbers to your document, you can insert logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks, and other graphical elements across multiple pages—all within a single task.
  • Add/remove bates numbers - Bates Numbering is a method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and retrieval. When unique page labeling and identification is required, users can add a set of Bates Numbers with Nitro Pro and remove them as needed.
  • Scan and edit paper docs - Need to make changes to a scanned document? OCR lets you transform paper documents into searchable and editable PDF file. Nitro Pro offers the ability to scan and recognize text in multiple languages, including Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Convert + Export
  • Convert PDF to MS Office and More - Turn PDF files into editable MS Office files including: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - all while retaining the original fonts, images, and formatting.
  • Integrate with Outlook - Archive important files for the future with our Microsoft Outlook plugin. Convert emails, attachments, and even entire email folders to PDF.
  • Extract pages - Sometimes you don't need everything in that enormous report, or the file is too large to fit onto your USB drive. Nitro Pro can turn individual documents or a range of pages into images, or standalone PDF files.
  • Export in batch - Why waste time with one document at a time? Convert entire collections of PDF documents into MS Office or image files in a single step.

Sign + Secure
  • Add electronic signatures - QuickSign lets you electronically sign and return documents in seconds, and you may add certifiable digital signatures to workflows with simple one-click profiles. Nitro Pro now supports signing with Topaz electronic signature software and pads.
  • Redact data securely - Permanently delete or white out sensitive text, images, and hidden data. 'Search and redact' lets you find all instances of a word, phrase, or number and quickly remove it - individually or in total.
  • Set passwords and permissions - Restrict and control individual user permissions to your PDF. Add secure passwords to help prevent unauthorized copying, editing, extracting, and printing of your document.
  • Use certificates and encryption - Nitro Pro's 256-bit AES standard encryption is military-grade. Certificate-based security lets you define levels of access for colleagues, clients, and partners so you may share and track documents with greater speed and accuracy.

Collaborate + Review
  • Annotate and leave comments - Add markups and comments to your document using a variety of tools that are compatible with Acrobat and other popular programs. Combine everyone's comments and notes into a single PDF file.
  • Stamp Documents - Stamp your PDF files just like rubber-stamping a paper document. Use our palette of ready-made stamps, create your own, or choose a custom image to apply to your documents.
  • Add links and attachments - Create interactive documents by adding active, clickable links or embedding any type of electronic file including Word documents, presentations, images, and more.
  • Take measurements - Measure distance, perimeter, and area right in your PDF document. Determine distances in blueprints, drawings, and computer-aided design (CAD) files before sending them to the printer.
  • Compare PDF files - Easily spot discrepancies when comparing two versions of a file. Quickly analyze the differences to save time and avoid unnecessary steps in your review process.

Cloud Connectivity
  • Add Signatures to Workflows - Instantly e-sign, track, and archive your documents online. Nitro Cloud allows you to obtain secure, legally binding electronic signatures in a matter of seconds.
  • Save to Nitro Cloud - Take your documents on the go. Save important documents securely to Nitro Cloud and access them online, on demand.
  • Share and Collaborate Online - Take the hassle out of emailing attachments. Mark up, add comments, and share documents so others can view them securely online via any web browser.
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