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Netop Vision ME [Academic - Subscription Licence Renewal (1-Year) (50-249) Per User - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Netop Solutions A/S

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What is Vision ME? It's Vision for Mobile Education and it was created for classroom teachers just like you. Engage and capture student interest with iPad to iPad demonstrations. Maximise instructional time and manage iPad classroom workflow. Increase student achievement and improve classroom participation.


Show lessons from the teacher's iPad to all student iPad screens to engage your class and inspire learning.


Empower students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad. Showcase student work to the entire class.

Share Files

Save a tree and make assignment collection more convenient with cloud-based sharing for assignments.


Encourage questions, foster discussion, or broadcast an announcement to the class using real-time chat.

Blank Screen

Instantly get students' attention by blanking student screens and locking devices during instruction.

Block Access

Tune out the distractions and turn up the focus using internet access controls to block web browsing.

Online Learning

Forget photocopies - post lesson materials online for quick access from the class or home.

Quizzes & Polls

Engage students and get instant feedback with quizzes and polls to gauge student progress.

Assessment Tools

Create teacher-led or self-paced student assessments with a variety of question types and automatic scoring.

Pricing is per user for an annual subscription. Each teacher and student user must have a subscription

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