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Netop Remote Control [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (NOLP) (GUEST) (1) Guest - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Netop Solutions A/S

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Netop Remote Control offers everything you need for the service and support of your computers and networks: from the completion of complex remote maintenance and file transfer, through remote user support to network wide software and hardware inventory administration. All of this comes under a single, intuitive interface, perfectly protected by encrypted connections, sophisticated authentication and comprehensive rights management.

Netop Remote Control 12.6 - New Features

Version 12.60 provides important security enhancements, new features, and product improvements.

To use Netop Remote Control 12.60, new license keys are required. Customers who have a valid Netop Advantage annual support and upgrade agreement are eligible to upgrade to the new version at no additional cost and should receive their upgrade license keys shortly after the public release date.

Support for Windows Server 2016

Netop provides support for the Windows Server 2016 operating system. Datacenter, Standard and Essentials editions are supported.

New authentication capabilities using the Netop Portal access rights

Netop Remote Control version 12.60 introduces support for Netop Portal based authentication. Because of this development, authentication options developed for the Netop Portal will automatically become available in the Windows and Linux Guests and the browser based support console.

Multi-factor capabilities

The Netop Remote Control Portal will provide an email based multi-factor authentication service as part of this release. To use this new service, you must have an active Netop Portal account with valid email addresses for all users.

To use Netop Portal based multi-factor authentication, users must be running version 12.60 or greater of the Guest and the Host modules.

Mass deployment improvements

To support the mass deployment of Host modules with a Netop Portal communication profile, version 12.60 improves how Portal communication profile(s) are stored. Portal-specific information has been separated from Host-specific information, allowing a Host configured to use Portal communication to be deployed using Pack'n Deploy (or any other deployment method).

Defects resolved

  • RADIUS authentication not working with 16+ character passwords. - Support case ref: 00111495
  • When Host changes Internet connection, the Netop Security Server is no longer accessible - Support case ref: 00086561
  • Unable to retreive 'Get Inventory' on some devices. - Support case ref: 00111804; 00105541
  • Send Ctrl+Alt+Del command from Windows Guest to Linux Host not working
  • RC_AreaEnable configuration option in netop.ini is not working
  • Various key combinations not working properly on Linux

Netop Remote Control 12.5 - New Features
Password character limit expanded
With the version 12.22 release, the 16-character limit for passwords used during authentication by various Netop modules was expanded to 64 characters when using Windows or Directory Services based authentication schemes.
With the 12.50 release, the expansion of the 16-character limit for passwords has been extended to simple authentication (password only) and Netop authentication (using a Guest ID). The character limit has been extended to 64 characters for all modules (Guest, Host, Gateway, Security Server, etc.).

Netop WebConnect 3.0 support
To take advantage of security updates and improvements available in Netop WebConnect, Netop Remote Control version 12.50 has been optimized by adding a new communication profile called WebConnect 3 . The security improvements include:
  • Web Interface - Various security measures have been implemented in the web interface of the Connection Manager.
  • HTTPS Connections - Only HTTPS connections are now supported for the Netop Hosted WebConnect 3.0 to ensure all traffic is encrypted using TLS encryption. Outbound access to Webconnect 3.0 will require only port TCP 443 instead of old ports TCP 80 and 6502 used with Webconnect 1.9x.

Stronger hashing & improved encryption of passwords
With the WebConnect 3.0 release, password storage within the Connection Manager database has been updated
to use an improved key derivation and hashing method.

Prevent browsers from storing credentials - Autocomplete functions within browser-based forms have been disabled to prevent browsers from storing credentials improperly.

Netop Remote Control 11.1 - New Features

Netop Remote Control 11.1 is a minor release, featuring:
  • Additional support for Microsoft Windows - version 11.1 includes support for both Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Security enhancements - the addition of Directory Services Groups extends Directory Services support on the Security Server.
  • Increased performance - screen transfer capabilities within Logon, Lock and UAC screens have been optimised for all versions of Windows starting Windows Vista.

Netop Remote Control 11 - New Features

Netop Remote Control 11 is a major release, featuring:


A new Tunnel function that creates a secure connection between the Guest and Host modules and allows application ports to be redirected from the Host to the Guest through the Tunnel. This allows the Guest to run local applications while interacting with the connected Host and without having to remote control the Host machine. The Tunnel is ideally suited for, but not limited to, environments where a traditional desktop is either not used or available.

RADIUS support

The Netop Security Server has been extended to offer authentication against RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) environments.

Using RADIUS with Netop Remote Control allows the Security Server to authenticate remote support sessions via compatible multi-factor authentication methods, where the Guest user needs to provide their username and password along with a one-time generated passcode that can be derived from a variety of sources including hardware devices or SMS tokens.

Linux/Mac Hosts and Windows authentication
When using the Netop Security Server with Windows authentication, the Guest is now able to connect to a Host running on Linux or Mac.

Multiple sessions
Allow each Guest to run simultaneous sessions with different Hosts via WebConnect. Hosts can have simultaneous Guest connections when using a WebConnect service.

Network interface binding
Ability to bind to a specific network interface for improved communication.

Enhanced blank screen feature
Enhanced Blank Screen feature for improved compatibility with newer Windows operating systems.

  • Complete control - control the remote operating system's mouse and keyboard remotely, run commands, log off, shutdown, reboot and easily access the remote computer's services, registry, event logs and more. More than one guest can access the same host computer to help collaborate on issues
  • Compatible - Netop Remote Control runs on Windows, DOS, Mac, Linux, OS/2 and Solaris and supports terminal services. Additionally a range of communication protocols are supported, including TCP, UDP, HTTP, IPX, NetBIOS, dial up and more.
  • Powerful file manager enables easy transfer of files from host to guest and guest to host through simple drag and drop
  • Access computers that have Intel vPro and do not have an installed operating system - easily change BIOS settings and install an operating system
  • Automation - easily script tasks - e.g. data transfers or inventory scanning and use the inventory feature to collect all remote hardware and software in an XML file
  • Helpdesk support - users can use Netop software to initiate a help desk request and technical support can then remote control the computer and communicate with the user via instant messages, audio or video
  • Netop Pack 'n Deploy - enables easy deployment of Netop Hosts to all computers on your network
  • Highly secure - all traffic is encrypted with 256 bit AES encryption and supports authentication systems such as Smartcards, RSA Secure IDs and Directory Services
  • 'Phonebook' functionality that can list all computers on a network that can be connected to.

  • High Performance - Netop Remote Control works quickly, even in low bandwidth scenarios due to Netop's advanced compression processes and algorithms
  • Increased ROI - one remote control application across your entire organisation and all your operating systems reduces configuration time and costs and the inbuilt help functionality reduce support's travelling costs and help handle more requests
  • Scalable - with support for multiple operating systems and easy, fast access to any host, Netop Remote Control is capable of handling one or thousands of remote computers
  • Secure - all Netop traffic is 256-bit AES encrypted
  • Easy setup - Netop Pack 'n Deploy helps deploy the Netop client across the network. Optionally send Netop traffic through the HTTP protocol and reduce the need to configure firewalls (part of Netop WebConnect)
  • Compliant - Netop allows you to log all remote connections and events and even record videos of all remote assistance. Role based access helps to ensure the right people have the right access
  • Reduce support requests and downtime - the built in help feature in Netop Guests make it easy for users to initiate help requests and for technical support to communicate with and help the user immediately, remotely.

Netop Guest and Host licensing (modules)

A Netop Guest licence should be installed on the computers that will be used to remote control and interact with another computer. A Netop Host licence should be installed on each machine that will be connected to by the Netop Guest.

(NAP) Netop Advantage Program
  • The Netop Advantage Program is the annual support and upgrade program that keeps you current with new releases and provides technical support. New versions and technical support services are available for those Netop modules for which a Netop Advantage Program has been purchased. The above licenses include 12 months Netop Advantage Program.
  • Annual Netop Advantage Program can be renewed at 20% of the license value. The yearly fee is paid in advance.
  • Upgrade without Netop Advantage Program at 50% of the license value.

(NOLP) Netop Open License Program
  • NOLP (Netop Open License Program) is a program available for users with 100+ license quantities.
  • NOLP licensing provides you with one serial number per Netop module.
  • New NOLP licenses are protected by 12 months Netop Advantage Program and can be renewed yearly.
  • Additional licenses can be added to a NOLP if the NOLP is protected by a current Netop Advantage Program.
  • Additional licenses added to an existing NOLP are protected by the current Netop Advantage Program.
  • End user information is required.
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