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Live Guide [Commercial - Subscription Licence (3-Months) (Remote Access) (First Quarterly) (1-10) Per Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Netop Solutions A/S

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Our Part #: 846258 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


Netop Live Guide is a live chat solution that offers businesses a wide range of personal communication features on their web sites including two-way text, audio and video chat. Now it's easy to engage in a live, real-time dialogue between your company and visitors to your web site. Live Guide's full feature set, advanced reporting capability and industry-leading operator interface are designed for usability and efficiency, resulting in increased conversion rates, lower service costs and improved customer satisfaction. Bonus - works with email, online ads & social media too!

Audio and video chat

Get face-to-face instantly with visitors to your site or through social media, email, SMS and online ad campaigns with no download.

Mobile Chat

Chat with your customers using iPads, iPhones and Android devices through SMS, your site or social media.


Guide your customers around your site and to other web-based resources through a shared browser window.

With the click of a button on your site customers can immediately connect with your IT or customer service team.

Proactive chat

Proactively invite site visitors to chat with your service or sales team to increase conversions and satisfaction.

Social media and email

Embed live chat functionality in emails, SMS, online advertising and social media - including Facebook and Twitter.

Enterprise security

Safeguard your customers and your company with Live Guide's advanced security and encryption.

Customer intelligence

Get the information you need to provide efficient and personalised service to your customers.

Comprehensive reporting

Monitor operator and campaign performance with detailed, multi-metric analytics and exportable reports.

Remote Assistance

Access customer computers to quickly address service issues and improve first-call resolution rates.

Remote View

View customers' screens instantly for rapid diagnosis of customers' service issues.

Advanced routing and workflow

Manage multiple, simultaneous inbound requests and route customers to multiple departments.

Stored history and logs

Record and maintain data from every chat to give operators insight into customer histories.

Surveys and forms

Create custom questionnaires to collect customer information and feedback before, after and during chats

Preview chats and forms

Allow operators to preview customer forms before chats and see customers' questions as they type.

Prepared responses

Automate responses to frequently asked questions to improve efficiency and standardise service.


Integrate with ticketing, CRM and other core business systems through RESTful APIs and ready-made modules.

Hosted solution

Live Guide is fully-hosted - there is nothing for you to download or install and no software to maintain.

Easy to use

Designed for optimal operator efficiency, with intuitive controls and a customisable interface.


Create customised chat buttons that match your website and maximise your brand.

Get started easily

Simply log in and you can roll out your first live chat campaign within minutes. Start a free trial today.
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