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Corporate Investigation Suite (CIS) [Please Call for Pricing]

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Investigating digital evidence sources has traditionally required difficult and complex forensic tools to find the critical data. Organizations have needed to invest significant time and cost training staff members to use forensic tools, or outsource data collection, processing, and analysis to external providers.

Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite makes it easy for businesses to collect, process, analyze, review, and report on electronic evidence, all in one simple solution that scales to meet your needs. It empowers IT, legal, compliance, HR, and security teams to perform all stages of the digital investigation process without having to learn complex forensic tools and processes.

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A Scalable Solution to Fit Your Needs
Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite is available in a variety of specifications to meet your data processing and review requirements. It can be supplied as downloadable software solution or can be provided as a hardware appliance that you simply “plug in and go.'

Identify, Preserve, and Collect Evidence
Collect targeted electronic evidence from laptops, desktops, file shares, email stores and common forensic image formats.

Process Data Consistently
Use preconfigured workflow templates to process data efficiently, repeatably, and defensibly.

Bring the Data to the People
Makes evidence securely and conveniently available to investigators, analysts, lawyers, subject matter experts, and anyone else who needs it.

One Window Into the Evidence
Ingest terabytes of evidence per day into a single storage location and use multiple advanced investigative techniques to understand its content and context.

End-to-end Investigation
Simplify data processing with automated template-based workflows, and provide access for non-technical staff to collect, process, search, review, tag, and report on their findings.
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