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Minitab Statistical Software [v17.x Commercial - Subscription Licence (1-Year) (Network) (20) Users - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Minitab Ltd

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New Features
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Minitab Statistical Software gives you the tools you need to analyse your data and make informed decisions about how to improve your business. Its power and ease of use make it the leading package used for quality improvement and statistics education worldwide.

New in Minitab 16

  • Assistant - get improved help that walks you through your analysis, follow an interactive decision tree to determine your approach and easily present your findings in reports
  • Basic statistics - perform a hypothesis test for the variance or standard deviation
  • Regression - general new regression features include the ability to easily specify interaction and polynomial terms, include both continuous and categorical predictor variables, calculate confidence intervals for regression coefficients and transform the response variable using the Box-Cox transformation, plus much more
  • Analysis of variance - One-Way ANOVA - evaluate comparisons using a grouping information table
  • Design of experiments - Split-Plot Designs - create and analyse designs with hard-to-change factors
  • Quality tools - Pareto chart - create Pareto charts using a more flexible interface, tolerance intervals - calculate tolerance intervals for normal and nonnormal distributions, gage run chart - create a run chart with missing data (unbalanced studies) and much more
  • Multivariate - display Mahalanobis distances using an outlier plot
  • And more - improved performance, new export options to Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and much more

Easy to Use
Minitab's logical interface makes it simple to use, and its outstanding support features make it easy to get results.

State of the Art Graphs and Graph Editing
Clear, bold graphs are simple to create for any application, with intuitive point and click editing.

Regression Analyses
Linear, polynomial, logistic, PLS and more detect and define relationships.

Statistical Process Control
Take control of your processes with this suite of control charts and more.

Measurement Systems Analysis
Gage analyses and related tools to ensure the quality of your data.

Reliability/Survival Analysis
Calculate the lifespan of the products you use or sell, predict failure rates, establish warranty parameters, and more.

Multivariate Analysis
Principal component analysis, cluster analysis, and other multidimensional tools.

Perform critical analyses even without normally distributed data.

Simulations and Distributions
Generate random numbers, pick random samples, and more.

Data and File Management
Minitab accepts data in many file formats and keeps your work tidy in a single, automatically organised project file.

General Statistics
A broad range of simple yet powerful tools to help you to make quick assessments and comparisons.

Analysis of Variance
A comprehensive set of tools including ANOVA, GLM, Analysis of Means, and more.

Quality Tools
Ensure your processes meet your expectations with Process Capability analyses, Pareto charts, and other powerful tools.

Design of Experiments
A wide variety of available designs ¿ now including D-optimal and distance based designs.

Power and Sample Size
Collect the right amount of data for your situation ¿ use power curves to visualise the relationship between the sample size and power.

Time Series and Forecasting
Large collection of time-related analyses, like trend analysis and decomposition. Now with auto, partial, and cross correlations.

Chi-square, Fisher's exact, and other table-based tools.

Macros and Customisability
Automate the analyses you perform regularly, customise menus and settings, even integrate with Minitab COM objects.

The Statistical Methods You Need
All the power you need to analyse data for quality improvement in one, easy-to-use package.

Free Technical Support
Free access online or by phone to our team of specialists who are highly skilled in our software, statistics, quality improvement, and computer systems.

Exceptional Training Services
Four convenient ways to build the skills and confidence you need to improve quality using Minitab software.

  • Public Training
  • On-site Training
  • Mentoring by Minitab
  • e-Learning with Quality Trainer by Minitab

Affordable and Flexible Licensing
Purchasing options that meet your needs and fit your budget, from volume discounts on individual copies to enterprise-wide licenses.

Valuable Online Resources
The help you need to excel at your job, including:

  • Answers Knowledgebase - frequently asked support questions;
  • Minitab Resource Center - packed with tutorials, articles, and other useful information;
  • Free maintenance updates

  • Operating System - 32-bit and 64-bit versions of XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • RAM - 512 MB (minimum); 1+ GB (recommended)
  • Processor - Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • Hard Disk Space - multi-user: 140 MB (minimum) free space available, single-user: 160 MB (minimum) free space available, language pack: additional 55 MB free space per Language Pack installed
  • Screen Resolution - 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Adobe Reader - Version 5.0 or higher required for Meet Minitab

Multi-user Licence Manager

  • Operating System - Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • RAM - 512 MB (minimum)
  • Processor - Pentium II or equivalent
  • Hard Disk Space - 100 MB (minimum); dependent on log file settings
  • Connectivity - At least one enabled network interface card

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