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Mindjet MindManager For Mac [Government - Maintenance (Upgrade Protection Plan) (1-Year) (1-9) Per User - Electronic *Euro* *Non-Returnable* Mac OSX]

Published By: Mindjet

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MindManager’s flexible mind maps promote creative thinking and quick organization of ideas. Mind mapping fosters a free flow of ideas which can be used to brainstorm solutions, develop business plans and strategies. It’s also the perfect tool for planning meetings & events and taking notes.

Upgrade Promotion

The latest version of MindManager 11 for Mac is now available. Benefit from enhanced virtualisations, advanced mapping capabilities, improved sharing tools and a brand new interface.

To celebrate this release, MindManger for Mac customers with previous versions, including currently 'retired' versions can upgrade to MindManager 11 for Mac at the upgrade price, rather than paying the fulll price of a new license.

MindManager 11 for Mac is available in English, Frech and German. Extended upgrade eligibility will run throughout the lifetime of this new version, and is available for single and mutliple licenses.

Information Visualisation - Create mind maps, org charts, information maps, and more

Universal File Export - Interactive map export that can be opened in any browser

Optional Upgrade Protection Plan - Annual subscription to new feature releases & phone support

New and improved map templates and diagrams - timelines, workflows, swim lanes, Veen diagrams, matrices.

Create maps qucikly and easily with various mapping capabilities - map dashboard, optimised menus and a sleek, user-friendly design

Task management tools - track effort, add milestones, manage dependencies to tackle tasks with ease.

Interactive HTML5 Presentation Mode - present content that is easy for recipients to navigate, understand and share - even if they've never seen MindManager before.

Publish tool - within a few clicks let anyone with a web connection and broswer view your MindManager content, anywhere in the world, no license necessary. Send brainstorms to colleagues, show plans to customers, or share your maps on social media.


Use MindManager for Mac like a virtual whiteboard where you can visually capture your best thinking. The Quick Entry feature lets you keep up with the flow of ideas. Then just drag and drop to organize and prioritize information.

Manage Meetings

Using MindManager maps encourages team participation in meetings because everyone can see you adding notes, priority markers, and other relevant information as the conversation moves forward. Documenting your meetings in MindManager ensures all ideas are retained and can be shared for follow-up on action items.

Organize Information

MindManager is the perfect tool for aggregating and displaying information, whether your goal is to create an organization chart, assemble facts for a white paper, or create a presentation outline. With MindManager, you can collect relevant attachments, notes, and links all in one place and view notes in context.

Create and Communicate Plans

Use MindManager to lay out the details of project and strategic plans and to gain buy-in from all stakeholders. MindManager helps everyone involved see the big picture and all the details in context.

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