Mindjet MindManager Enterprise [Government - Maintenance (MSA) (3-Years) (Upfront Payment) (10+) Per User - Electronic *UK* *Non-Returnable* Windows/Mac OSX] boxshot

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Mindjet MindManager Enterprise [Government - Maintenance (MSA) (3-Years) (Upfront Payment) (10+) Per User - Electronic *UK* *Non-Returnable* Windows/Mac OSX]

Published By: Mindjet

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MindManager Enterprise is a powerful business-mapping solution for teams and enterprises that offers extended capabilities for coordinating projects, managing tasks and sharing knowledge across organisations. MindManager Enterprise combines Mindjet’s leadership mind mapping, diagram creation, and visual business and project planning tools with patented data integration and flexible sharing options. The result is improved enterprise communication and collaboration on key business initiatives. Business integrations to software such as Microsoft Office, Project and SharePoint make it easier to bring together decentralised information into a single view.

MindManager Enterprise is now available for five or more licences within the MindManager Enterprise Licence Program with a mandatory MSA (Mindjet Software Assurance and Support), rather than ten.

MindManager Enterprise includes:

  • MindManager 2019 for Windows and MindManager for Mac
  • MindManager Linker for Microsoft SharePoint
  • MindManager Server Software for SharePoint
  • SharePoint Browser Editor Licence for all Desktop licence users.

Information Visualization - Create mind maps, org charts, information maps, and more
Additional Visualization Features - Create project Gantt charts, process flows, concept maps, flowcharts, timelines, and more
Universal File Export - Interactive map export that can be opened in any browser
Universal File Export - Interactive map export that can be opened in any browser
MindManager Server & SharePoint Synchronization - View maps stored in SharePoint in your browser. Query and synchronize SharePoint tasks & more.
Large Scale Deployments - Large scale deployment support for MindManager for Windows
Mindjet Software Assurance & Support Plan - New feature releases, service, and support with our license program
Volume-Based Pricing - Volume-based pricing for MindManager Enterprise customers

Benefits of MindManager Enterprise

  • Collaborative business mapping to improve key processes.
  • Improved information management: Apply the power of visual maps to create information maps from unstructured data stored in SharePoint repositories. Enable all SharePoint users to easily discover mapped content using full text search.
  • Better project planning and management using the best tool for each phase: Visual project planning in MindManager, Stakeholder/Exec reviews via maps in SharePoint (with SharePoint access controls), Project/task workflow management using SharePoint functionality synced with MindManager
  • Simplified licence programme and pricing
  • Simplified licence management and deployment.

MindManager Enterprise Licence Programme includes clearer volume band pricing, a consistent central licence key for each purchased license and simplified software distribution and deployment within the organisation through a special Admin set up. The MindManager EMEA Enterprise Licence Programme provides you with a single central licence key that can be used for the initial licence order as well as all subsequent orders.

The purchase of Mindjet Assurance and Support Services (MSA) with the licence programme is mandatory. MSA offers you additional support service and gives you access to all MindManager feature updates and upgrades as soon as they're released.

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