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ManageEngine - Social IT Plus

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Social IT Plus offers a cascading wall that helps IT folks to start discussions, share articles and videos easily and quickly. Other team members can access it and post comments and likes on the fly. Social IT Plus integrates with ManageEngine OpManager and third party IT management tools from HP, IBM, CA & Microsoft via REST APIs. IT folks can share alarms, device performance pages, and reports of these tools on the Social IT Plus' wall and discuss to enhance the performance of their IT.

Collaborate in real-time

Social IT Plus offers a multi-threaded cascading wall for IT teams to collaborate in real-time.

You can like or comment on any discussion you have access to. Get notified instantly when someone mentioned your name in any of the discussions.

Private Groups

Private groups help to carryout discussions on a project within the project members. The owner of the group can invite as many people to join the group.

Only the group members will have access to the private discussions that happen in these groups.

Integration with IT Management Tools

Social IT Plus offers public APIs for integration with IT management tools. Event, overdue tickets, reports, etc. from the IT management tool is automatically posted on Social IT Plus wall via APIs.

File and Media Sharing

Social IT Plus allows you to share links, attach videos, articles & photos to any discussion. These files are secure and accessible only by persons involved in the discussion.

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