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ManageEngine - RackBuilder Plus

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ManageEngine RackBuilder Plus is a data center visualization software that lets you create a virtual representation of your data center floors and racks in 3D, and manage its space and capacity for better performance. The dynamic 3D view shows the live health status of devices in each rack. Any fault or performance problem is alerted using color codes and clicking on the faulty device takes you to the particular device

The designed data center floors can be embedded into your NOC screens & monitored 24x7. You can also access these 3D data centers from anywhere, anytime using iPad and other tablets.

3D data center floor

RackBuilder Plus helps you to create realistic 3D data center floors populated with racks. You can customize the floor sizes to suit your needs. These data center floors can be embedded into your NOC screens & monitored 24x7.

Drag-and-Drop rack builder

RackBuilder Plus allows you to create virtual mock-up of your racks with the devices populated on it. With the drag-and-drop rack builder, you just need to drag-n-drop the devices on the rack and change their size if necessary.

Real-time availability monitoring

With the real-time availability monitoring, you can monitor & visualize the health status of devices in real-time. Any fault or performance issue is highlighted using color codes. You can click on the faulty device to drill down to the device snapshot page to analyze the device's performance and identify the fault.

Capacity Management

RackBuilder Plus offers detailed insights on capacity that includes rack count, physical space on each rack/ floor, no. of devices connected to each rack etc. This information helps you to forecast demand on your data center and plan for the future needs.

Import data from RackTables & Device42

RackBuilder Plus offers options to import the complete list of floors, racks and devices details from RackTables & Device42. You can also customize the imported data to suit your business needs. Importing data via CSV file is also supported.

Alarms & Notifications

RackBuilder Plus instantly alerts you whenever a device in the rack goes down. Unique color codes are used to communicate the severity of alarms. You can distinguish healthy & faulty devices in each rack & floor using these color codes. Clicking on any alarm helps you navigate to the device snapshot page to identify the fault.

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