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ManageEngine - ADSelfService Plus

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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure web-based end-user password reset management software. Windows Active Directory users can self serve their password resets, account unlocks and employee self update. Administrators can send password expiry notifications and securely automate the end-user password resets and account unlocks with SMS/E-mail verification code confirmation. Also, help desk associated expenses are optimised!

Password Reset

Reset forgotten passwords and avoid downtime and productivity loss. With ADSelfService Plus, domain users can self reset their ldap active directory password securely with ease by answering a set of self configured validation questions.

Account Unlock

Unlock accounts with ease from a web browser/remote machine. Several attempts of incorrect logins forces an LDAP account lockout. Calling a helpdesk technician to unlock your account adds as an additional ticket to the support staff and forces users to wait unproductively until the ticket is attended. ADSelfService Plus software saves users from frustrating and unproductive waits for helpdesk to unlock locked out accounts.

Self Update

Up-to-date end user profiles in Active Directory with contact and personal information. End user self update of own information benefits doubly, the organization and user; helpful when in time of emergency and in need of information and avoids compromising situations due to lack of information. The Active Directory personal info update by fellow employees can be searched with Corporate Directory Search- Filter Based search of co-employees information + Hierarchy in Organisation + photos are displayed.

Email Notification

Soon-To-Expire Password / Account Notify, delivery status. Great for VPN, OWA users. Password Expiry Notifier looks up the Active Directory for user accounts whose passwords are about to expire and emails the account owners a notification recommending password change.

Note: Directory Update component supports only minimal features. For complete features set choose the full version of ADSelfService Plus.

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