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MadCap Flare Standard [Commercial - Maintenance & Support (Platinum) (3-Years) (1) Named User - Electronic Windows]

Published By: MadCap Software, Inc.

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Our Part #: 1059352 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic

New Features

A complete solution for technical communicators and content developers, MadCap Flare offers advanced features to maximize authoring efficiency and content reuse.

Whats new in Flare 11

Flare 11 introduces useful templates that you can customize to help you migrate your previous tripane HTML5 targets to the new model and is lets you design a modern web site.
  • Design responsive web output with HTML5 that is Sleek, Beautiful and Easy to Navigate
  • Create stunning top navigation web output for online Help, policy guides, knowledge bases and more
  • Added Control for Print and Web with Absolute Positioning and Text Wrapping
  • Extend the Value of Your Content with Augmented Reality
  • Easily Merge Multiple PDF Files into a Single Document
  • Generate one or more build targets in the background while you work and display the progress of each target being generated.
  • The Microsoft Word import function has been enhanced in multiple ways and a new Doc-To-Help import capability has been added.

Youtube Link to whats new in Flare 11:
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