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Liquid XML / Liquid XML Studio [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Liquid Technologies Limited

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Liquid XML Studio comprises a set of XML Development tools:

  • XML Schema Editor - A graphical XSD editor, allowing you to visualize and edit your schemas. The editor provides an abstracted view of the XSD making it simple to understand your data. Context sensitive properties make using the more advanced features of the XSD standard simple, while drag and drop, cut & paste, and multi step undo functionality makes editing your schema simple and intuitive.
  • XML Editor - Syntax highlighted XML Editor, providing validation against the XML standard or an XSD schema. Auto complete, and intellisense are based on an external XML Schema. XSD Schemas can also be inferred from an existing XML document.
  • Web Service Browser - Makes it simple to explore the functions exposed by a web service. Individual web methods can then be called though the UI, which will automatically generate the XML required for the chosen method.
  • XPath Expression Builder - Highlights the results of your XPath query in real time against any XML document. Intellisense XPath expression builder. Code samples are provided for mainstream languages (C#, java etc).
  • HTML Documentation Generation - Generate Cross browser HTML from your XSD Schemas. The documentation contains indexes, hyperlinks, each entity in the schema shows the complete XSD Code, with a textual description of its properties, diagram (while hot spots to link to child entities), all within collapsable sections so irrelevant information can be easily ignored.

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