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Use Netop to resolve your support issues quickly and efficiently

Netop can improve your support facilities by providing secure and efficient remote support to your customers, meaning you can improve customer satisfaction and stay competitive by delivering efficient support services.

Quickly engage with your customers with easy-to-use live chat, audio & video and real-time secure remote control from anywhere and resolve issues faster.

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Grey Matter Exclusive 60-day ISV Trial

Sign-up to a special 60-day trial here and see how Netop can improve your support offering.


  • Scalable to suit your needs
  • Mitigate legal and reputational risks
  • View and control computers from
    a remote location
  • Connect remotely across locations,
    platforms, networks and devices.
  • Lower your support costs
  • Improve support workflows and
    accelerate time to resolution
  • Consolidate tools into a single solution
  • Improve customer satisfaction

The Netop solution provides the key technologies you need to deliver efficient remote support services to your customers.


These are exclusive bundles available from Grey Matter so
for more details on Netop and the options available for ISV’s please call 01364 655140 or email sallyg@greymatter.com

Netop is now being offered in two base packages with optional
add-ons as described below. All prices are based on yearly
subscriptions. Supporter licenses for Packages 1 & 2 are based
on the number of concurrent support staff who needs to access
the solution at any one time. Prices exclude VAT and are correct
as of 15/07/13.

Netop Includes:

Instant Chat

Improve response times and accelerate time
to resolution by providing your customers
with quick, direct access to your support
personnel. Simply embed a URL into your
application, web portal or email signature
and allow your customers to interact with
the relevant team members using text chat,
audio and video.

Attended Remote Control

When issues cannot be resolved using
instant communication tools such as live
chat, support staff can escalate the customer
call directly into a secure remote control
session. Once the customer confirms the
session, the support staff can view the
customer screen and control the keyboard
and mouse. No installation and no
administrator rights are required on the
customer machine and no firewall changes
need to be made due to outbound, internet-
friendly nature of the communication.

Unattended Remote Control

It might be necessary to establish remote
control sessions at any time, particularly
when customers are not present at the
physical machine, such as server
environments. Netop includes a permanent
agent that can allow for more flexible and
extended functionality making it even easier
to help troubleshoot. This approach does
require administrator rights to install so
some assistance may be required from the
customer. However, no firewall changes are
required due to the outbound, internet-
friendly nature of the communication.

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