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The Internet is a wonderful resource, but some employees may spend too much time surfing the web and not enough time working. With ContentBarrier, you can choose which types of web sites your employees can access and create profiles for each user according to their needs. Keep employees from accessing shopping sites, playing games or consulting online job sites. Block adult web sites to ensure that your business has an appropriate work environment and block high-bandwidth protocols, such as peer-to-peer, streaming video and others, to keep your network unencumbered.

Block bandwidth-hogging products

Prevent employees from using up network bandwidth by blocking specific protocols.

Customisable content filtering

Choose the protection you want according to your employees¿ needs.

Full logs of internet history

View detailed history of which web sites your employees have visited and which applications they have used.

Multiple mac users

Set up different profiles for each employee or department.

Web administration

View logs and change settings via a web administration page, from any computer.
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