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Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLPS) [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: InishTech

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InishTech Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLPS) is a cloud-based SaaS offering running on Windows Azure. For application software developers building in .NET, it is a relatively simple task to create an appropriate hook into their applications, so they can start benefitting from SLPS code protection and licensing functionality rapidly and without any substantial work. A tighter integration is also possible via the SLPS licensing API¿s, giving the additional benefits you would expect from having sophisticated license management tightly bound to your application.

Once SLPS is an accessible service from within your application, your customer-facing teams ¿ from product managers to sales & customer support staff - can use the SLPS portal to easily manage the entire software application licensing lifecycle, from the creation of product SKUs and the issuing of licenses to the management of activations and the collection of analytical usage information.

SLPS is a multi-patented breakthrough technology that is designed from the ground up for the .NET ecosystem. This exclusive focus has enabled InishTech to create the very best solution for customers, specifically adapted to the requirements and the complexities of the .NET framework.

Which edition is right for you?

InishTech SLPS Starter Pack

You are a 'start-up' ISV, in business for less than 3 years. You are developing commercial software as your core business. Your business is privately held with revenues of less than US $1M per annum.

InishTech SLPS Standard

You are an 'Independent Software Vendor'. You develop and sell commercial software as your core business (this includes Software sold as a Service, software for embedded systems and freeware / shareware).You have been in business for more than 3 years.

InishTech SLPS Enterprise

You are a software development team within an enterprise organisation, building applications for internal or limited external distribution. The application will not be sold commercially and software development is not the primary business of your organisation. Alternatively, you are a Systems Integrator or Custom Software Developer. You develop software-based solutions for specific client requirements.

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