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Flash Retriever Forensic [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: InfinaDyne

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Flash Retriever Forensic Edition is a professional tool that looks for, can recover and will document flash-based media. Regardless of what sort of device it plugs into, Flash Retriever Forensic Edition is the tool you need.

  • Complete imaging of flash devices in raw format. This can be imported into all major forensic tools. A raw image captured with any tool can also be used within Flash Retriever Forensic Edition.
  • Multiple-media support. Simultaneously examine multiple devices and/or image files all within the same session.
  • Thumbnail display for photos, including a complete print capability.
  • Report Generator - Use all of the knowledge this software has about files to build a report documenting everything you need. Output reports to HTML, CSV or print.
  • Support for 'raw' camera files - View 'raw' camera images directly within the program without requiring additional software. Camera raw images are not displayable by Windows or most image programs without special plug-ins or other software.
  • Sector display in hex and character - The contents of individual sectors on the media can be examined.
  • MD5 hashing of media, images and individual files
  • Support for multi-core CPUs to speed examination.
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