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DB2 Express [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: IBM

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IBM DB2 Express-C is a no-charge community edition of the DB2 data server. It is ideal for small businesses and multi-branch companies, as well as developers and business partners who serve these clients. DB2 Express-C can be setup quickly, is easy-to-use, and includes self-managing capabilities.

The optional low-cost yearly subscription license (also known as Fixed Term License or FTL) is available for DB2 Express-C users who require peace of mind or additional features. Subscription comes with:
  • IBM 24x7 award-winning worldwide customer support
  • Fix packs, maintenance releases, upgrade protection
  • Clustering for High Availability and Disaster Recovery (HADR)
  • Data Replication to and from other DB2 data sources (Homogenous SQL Replication)
  • Backup Compression for reducing disk space for backup copies
  • Higher resource utilisation for greater scalability (i.e. up to 4 cores on 2 sockets and 4GB memory)
  • Access to install images for previous versions/releases

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