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Raptivity [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Harbinger Knowledge Products Pvt. Ltd

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Raptivity is an award winning interactivity builder that allows users to quickly and easily create learning interactions. It has a diverse variety of 190+ interactions to select from. Raptivity helps the educators and trainers to enrich their content with the well-designed interactions from various categories like games & simulations, presentation aids, visual aids, brain teasers, assessments and many more. Raptivity has been designed and developed by Harbinger Knowledge Products.

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Features of Raptivity

  • Do-It-Yourself Interface: Raptivity boasts of a simple, refreshing and intuitive user interface which promises a great and fulfilling user experience.
  • Quick and Easy Customization: Raptivity allows you to completely customize any interaction model and mould it the way you need it. All this without any programming. The customization process is really quick and easy.
  • Multiple Publishing Options: Raptivity lets you publish all your interactions in both Flash and HTML5 formats, thus making it the ideal tool for both eLearning and mLearning. For HTML5 publishing, Raptivity also lets you publish a single interaction in different sizes to suit different mobile devices.
  • Media Toolbox: Raptivity interaction models come equipped with a media toolbox. This utility allows the users to add additional media objects like text, images, videos or buttons in an existing interaction model.
  • Seamless and Easy Integration: Raptivity output can be used independently or in conjunction with other tools. It integrates perfectly well with most of the third party authoring tools and LMSs. The easy integration with LMSs enables you to track Raptivity output easily.
  • Tracking Support: Raptivity supports SCORM/AICC and Tin Can tracking. The tracking information is also available through JavaScript or Flash Shared Object. Using the tracking support, users can track learner performance for any interaction by using it along with their LMS, LCMS, etc.
  • Multi Language Support: Since Raptivity supports Unicode, interactivity creation is possible in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, etc.

Raptivity Essential

  • Full-featured software
  • Support for add-on packs
  • Interactions for all stages of an eLearning course
  • 35 included interactions
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