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SQLBase provides a self-recovering, maintenance-free embedded database architecture that enables users from corporate IT to ISVs to focus on business applications not the underlying database technology. With its small footprint, easy installation and low TCO, SQLBase is the embedded database of choice for companies around the world. The newest release of SQLBase builds on its strength as a fully transactional, self-recovering and cross platform embedded database, to provide customers with a dramatic increase in concurrency, scalability and reporting performance.

Documents & Downloads

» SQLBase 11.5 Datasheet

New in version 11.5

SMP ¿ Support for multi-processor and multi-core systems

SQLBase 11.5 now takes advantage of multi-processor and multi-core machines with increased performance and much higher scalability. SQLBase 11.5 uses multithreading for read and write operations. TPC/C reporting applications run up to 34% faster using a quad core SMP machine. SQLBase write performance increases by up to 25%.

SQLBase SMP brings immediate performance improvements plus significantly higher scalability to users. Applications run faster and more users can use one single SQLBase server when using SMP machines with Intel core duo processors or quad core and other SMP systems.

Smart Unicode Implementation

SQLBase 11.5 brings smart Unicode support to enable international application deployment, supporting virtually any character set and language. For users that do not require Unicode, there is no performance hit or negative effect when using SQLBase 11.5.

SQLBase Command Center ¿ New!

The new SQLBase Command Center provides an integrated GUI tool for database maintenance tasks. The Command Center offers automation of database administration tasks for easier database maintenance, automation of recurring administrative tasks, and notifications and interfaces to create, modify or add database objects such as columns, tables, indices, views and more.

From visual check database to automated maintenance tasks, the SQLBase Command Center integrates SQLConsole, SQLTalk and Connectivity Administration plus more, offering a wealth of powerful and easy to use features to maintain servers and databases and secure their healthy operation.

Microsoft Vista and Windows Server 2008 support

SQLBase 11.5 knows about the advanced security concepts of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. SQLBase 11.5 installs itself respecting the secure areas for programs and for data on the latest Windows systems. This enables customers to leverage the advanced security features of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. SQLBase 11.5 is a safe choice for the latest Microsoft operating systems.

Why SQLBase
  • NEW! DBMoto SQLBase Replication: Synchronise and replicate SQLBase Servers with SQLBase Desktop clients. Synchronise and replicate between SQLBase Servers and Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Very Low Maintenance: Little to no maintenance required which translates into lower total cost of ownership than competitive products.
  • Scalable Application Support: SQLBase scales from a single user laptop to servers that serve hundreds of users.
  • Secure Embedded Database SQLBase Treasury: Triple-DES encryption of the database and over the wire with tamper-proof features to protect data residing on the hard drive (this is in addition to the standard security and access features).
  • Globalised Application Support: SQLBase International offers everything you need to market your applications everywhere in the world.
  • Affordable Licensing: The SQLBase embedded database offers a simple licensing model with a good support structure.
  • Integration With Popular Development Environments: Embedded Database for Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse Java, Delphi and PHP.
  • Seamlessly Embed: Embedded Deployment Pack enables seamless integration into application installations

New in version 11

SQLBase 11 TPC-C Benchmark: Write-access transactions up to 2.6 times faster, reports up to 7 times faster!
Think about what that performance increase can do for you! Your users will be amazed by the new application speed. You can have many more users accessing one SQLBase server than ever before. Switching to other database products for scalability reasons might not be necessary anymore. You can use the easy database features of SQLBase for hundreds of concurrent users now. The industry standard TPC-C benchmark test simulates a complete environment where a population of terminal operators executes transactions against a database. These transactions include entering and delivering orders, recording payments, checking the status of orders, and monitoring the level of stock at the warehouses (updates, inserts while running reports).

SQLBase 11 Transaction Throughput
SQLBase 11 can be described as live and let live. Writing transactions are not getting into the way of reading transactions and reading transactions do not get into the way of writing transactions allowing both to travel at much higher speeds. SQLBase 11 performs much better in transactions and reporting than SQLBase 9.0.1. All numbers are in transactions per minute. Enabling the SQLBase 11 Read Only isolation level results in hugely increased transaction throughput from 75 tpm in SQLBase 9.0.1 (RL mode) to 199 tpm in SQLBase 11 which is a strong 2.6 times improvement over SQLBase 9.0.1.

SQLBase 11 Reporting Performance
Enjoy a smooth reporting experience with SQLBase 11. Imagine a road with no red traffic lights and no speed limit. That is what SQLBase 11 does to your reports. Reports running on the TPC-C database increase from 209 tpm in SQLBase 9.0.1 (RL) to 1452 tpm in SQLBase 11 using Read Only isolation level. This is an almost 7 times performance increase for reporting solutions in SQLBase 11.

Row Level Locking Behavior
Reading transactions: New Read Committed and Read Only isolation levels do not run into locks when reading data
Writing transactions: New locking mechanisms and functionality have been added to SQLBase 11. The intention of the new locking functionality is to improve concurrency and throughput by reducing or eliminating lock contention including non-application deadlocks. This functionality includes 'LOCK TABLE' and 'SET AUTOLOCKTABLE' statements that can be prepared and executed as well as configuration settings in the sql.ini file. With AutoLockTable set to SMART non-application deadlocks will be eliminated.

Additional Features and Benefits of SQLBase 11
Easier application development and maintenance: SQLBase 11 features new Auto-Increment columns to allow for automatic unique key generation.
Easy database administration: Databases greater than 2 gigabytes can be backed up without segmentation.
Improved Java support for NXJ Developer and other Java tools like Eclipse The SQLBase 11 JDBC driver has been updated to support the JDK 1.4.1 as well as significant performance and functionality improvements.

Easy Upgrading and Deployment of SQLBase 11
No worries about upgrading many SQLBase installations to SQLBase 11. There is no need to do on site visits or remote admin activities to get SQLBase 11 up and running using existing databases. SQLBase 11 offers very easy deployment through automatic upgrade for SQLBase 7.5.1-9.0.1 databases upon first connect.

Very Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

SQLBase effectively reduces the development, deployment and maintenance costs of business applications. The ultra-low TCO of SQLBase ensures that ISVs and end-customers can maximize their ROI on business database applications. SQLBase offers very competitive deployment pricing; including a pay as you go licensing model that allows you to buy the number of licenses needed without any large upfront payments.

SQLBase is known for its DBA-less operations that reduce database administration almost to zero. This is an important feature for vertical solutions, as it decreases the cost associated with end-user support as well as making it more cost-effective for large end-user deployments.

Easy to Use Graphical Database Administration SQLBase Command Center

The new SQLBase Command Center provides an integrated GUI tool for database maintenance tasks. The Command Center offers automation of database administration tasks for easier database maintenance, automation of recurring administrative tasks, and notifications and interfaces to create, modify or add database objects such as columns, tables, indices, views and more.

From visual check database to automated maintenance tasks, the SQLBase Command Center integrates SQLConsole, SQLTalk and Connectivity Administration plus more, offering a wealth of powerful and easy to use features to maintain servers and databases and secure their healthy operation.

Freedom of Choice: Windows and Linux Development and Deployment

SQLBase allows you to develop and deploy on Windows and Linux, providing you with a choice as well as opening new deployment markets. Customers can choose to have Windows only environments, Linux only or mixed environments with Windows and Linux desktop and server systems. Moving databases from one platform to the other is as easy as copying the database file.

Easy Embedded Deployment

There is a variety of ways by which SQLBase integrates into third party installers. SQLBase can be installed using a silent install option, or a great alternative for ISVs is using the SQLBase Embedded Deployment Pack. ISVs can use the SQLBase Embedded Deployment Pack to create custom installers that include the installation of their product and the SQLBase installation in one installer task. SQLBase itself can be installed multiple times on one computer as part of several vertical solutions being deployed to one computer. SQLBase embedding support is unmatched in the industry and minimizes the hassle of deploying applications to millions of users.

High Scalability from a Single-User Laptop to Multiple Hundred Users

SQLBase scales easily from a one user laptop to hundreds of users. SQLBase provides several technologies to enable high transaction and reporting throughput. Advanced isolation levels let data readers read data that is in the process of being updated without running into a lock. Think of it like a street without red traffic light and without speed limits.

SQLBase International Unicode® Globalization Support

SQLBase International Unicode® support enables easy worldwide deployment of solutions. Users can simply work with the language, character set and glyphs they are used to, regardless of where they are located. One database can contain and manage data for many countries and languages and then the data can be retrieved and sorted according to specific rules. For example, based on the defined rules, SQLBase will present that data to local users in their local language. Organizations no longer need to worry about managing separate databases for localization.

Full Integration into Leading Development Systems

SQLBase allows users of Team Developer, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, and Delphi to seamlessly integrate SQLBase into their Visual Development Environment (VDE), use ADO.NET, and all VS.NET queries, SQL and XML-functionality to create database applications for Windows or ASP.NET applications.

Zero Administration

SQLBase is designed as a maintenance-free database and is capable of running unattended for months at a time; extending disk files as appropriate, eliminating redundant connections and more. Due to the zero administration requirements, ISVs and Corporate IT can reduce expensive resources like technical support.

Robust Structure and Self-Recovering Capabilities

Unlike flat-file databases, SQLBase has transactional integrity at its core, providing the level of assurance user's demand. System failures are a fact of life, but SQLBase's advance logging capabilities allow it to recover automatically.

Advanced Security

With optional Treasury triple-DES encryption, SQLBase integrates new security and authorization functions unsurpassed by any other desktop or workgroup database. The security features make SQLBase a premier choice for Web applications where a database outside the firewall-secured company network is needed.

Comprehensive Monitoring and Logging

SQLBase provides unique support for database event logging, allowing quick identification and resolution of production issues. Internal database information is also available on demand via the API, giving developers the tools they need to track down problems.

Open and Flexible

SQLBase's comprehensive API and support for a variety of interfaces means developers can concentrate on the application, not the database - but with the assurance that functionality is always within reach.

SQLBase supports:
  • .NET Data Provider
  • OLE DB
  • ODBC, Linux ODBC (iODBC, unixODBC)
  • Pure Java (level 4) JDBC
  • Windows and Linux C-API
  • Team Developer
  • Consistency Across Platforms (Windows and Linux)

SQLBase Desktop and Server share a common code line, reflected in identical SQL functionality and interfaces. This saves time and money by simplifying configurations and cutting development time, allowing you to build a single program version for both single- and multi-user applications.

Powerful SQL Support

With a full, true relational implementation, SQLBase reduces your development time by allowing you to write the SQL your application really needs. And with its advanced cost-based query optimiser it will deliver the performance your customers demand.

Comprehensive API

A comprehensive API allows developers to create applications that exhibit a fit and finish that will appeal to all classes of user. From multi-user contention handling to advanced querying, your applications will be able to impress users in demos - and empower them in day-to-day use.

Web-Based and Client Server Applications

SQLBase's TCP/IP protocol provides access to a SQLBase server from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Windows clients running applications created with any standard development tool, such as Team Developer or Visual Basic, can use the SQLBase client software components, either directly or via ODBC and OLE DB.

JDBC Support

SQLBase offers cross-platform Java applications direct database access with a 100% Java-compliant (Level 4) JDBC driver.

Small Footprint, Big Access

SQLBase's small footprint allows self-contained applications to run happily on the smallest Windows PC. Similarly, client/server applications fly when located on standard file servers - something traditional enterprise databases simply cannot match.

Successful Track Record

Created in 1988 as the first RDBMS for PC networks, SQLBase was originally deployed on DOS, it then became the first RDBMS for NetWare, and is now available for Windows and Linux platforms. Since its inception, over 100,000 multi-user servers and 1,000,000 single-user engines have been deployed, making SQLBase one of the most persistent embedded databases in the industry.
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