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Unify NXJ Developer [Please Call for Pricing]

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Unify NXJ Developer is a powerful visual development tool for the rapid development of innovative Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications and SOA applications. NXJ Developer uses AJAX components to provide data aware visual web controls. The SOA support in NXJ Developer allows you to quickly leverage the power and flexibility of SOA applications for your enterprise applications. It is easy to calculate project cost as the time intensive and hard to predict low-level programming is not necessary and it is easy to calculate deployment and support cost because applications run in a browser anywhere in the world. NXJ Developer provides powerful configuration management to manage source and versions of applications.

New Features

High Performance: Speed up the development, deployment and testing of Rich Internet and SOA Applications
  • NXJ 12 application deployment for testing and application usage is much quicker and leaner.
  • Faster application deployment.
  • Easier integration with third party application servers.
  • Control Center: The NXJ Control Center has been removed to speed up the development and deployment process and to enable tighter integration with third party application servers. During application development the application deployment time for testing applications has been reduced in half so developers have quicker access to application debugging and testing.

GUI Enhancements: Create richer and fast performing SOA and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Better user experience through enhanced RIA application performance
  • Enhanced AJAX functionality
  • Enhanced Dojo support for excellent usability and application performance. Supporting Dojo with GUI objects means that application functionality that in the past required a round trip to the web server does now execute locally in the browser using standard Dojo JavaScript technology. The results of using Dojo are higher usability and better application performance.
  • Textarea controls now have a new resize property that allows resizing textarea objects at runtime based on Dojo when set to on.

NXJ Grid Enhancements
  • Enhanced intuitive application user experience through new grid features
  • Move grid columns around to let a user see the data in the format they need
  • Resize grid columns to a user¿s needs
  • Sort grid columns ascending or descending with a click on the column header
  • Easy editing of long text fields: New TextArea column type for CLOB data
  • Direct printing of grids and their content, for quick interactive reporting

Infrastructure Integration
  • NXJ 12 is based on Java 1.5 to provide easy integration with enterprise applications and enterprise application server infrastructure
  • Easy plug and play integration of NXJ applications into existing Java application server infrastructure
  • Deploy NXJ applications using the built in JBoss application server or deploy to Oracle, IBM WebSphere or BEA WebLogic application servers

Enhanced Optional Reporting ¿ Enterprise edition only

Leverage powerful analytical reporting to create up-to-date business intelligence. Increase and fine tune reporting performance, higher usability and nationalisation support.

NXJ Reporting Add-on Module
  • Powerful data analysis features: Provides analysis and reports that access company data warehouses to provide up-to-date business intelligence. NXJ Reporting provides multi-dimensional cube technology that empowers business users, enabling them to understand and explore data and objects. NXJ Reporting allows end users to interact with cubes using functionalities such as slice-and-dice, expand/collapse hierarchies, pivot and drill up/down/across commands.
  • Support for dynamic charts in Excel when exporting reports to Excel.
  • Dynamic expand/collapse of grouping to support user defined views into the report data.
  • Report localisation allows deploying reports worldwide supporting local languages where necessary.
  • Report objects have a customisable default design that helps users to quickly design good looking and meaningful reports.
  • User tooltips can be defined at report design time which can give end users hints about the features of the report objects and capabilities.

Performance enhancements
  • Optimise data caching: Report Designers can define optimum settings for query data caching. The report designer provides a wizard to find best performance settings.
  • Optimise image cache: Choose to cache and how to cache images to improve report performance.
  • Reporting queue priority settings can be applied to give more important reports higher priority than other reports.
  • DHTML Pipeline for faster report access and rendering, the reporting engine does not wait until the full report is processed to display it, the report results that are ready are displayed right away with later processed results being added dynamically.

  • Visual AJAX User Interface Design
  • Web Services provider, consumer and governance
  • Automatic deployment of forms, portlets, Web services, reports and business processes
  • Single Sign On (SSO) LDAP, Active Directory or custom database
  • Repository-based development
  • Open database connectivity
  • Reusable form components and inheritance
  • Visual Business Rules Programming
  • Automated Data Source Integration
  • Single-click compile, deploy, run, and debug
  • Cross-platform portability
  • Source code control integration
  • Localisation, internationalisation, and multi-lingual applications
  • Web based reporting (add on)
  • JSR 168 Portlet creation

NXJ Developer Professional: Is your jumpstart package that contains everything you need to start creating Rich Internet and SOA applications. NXJ Developer Professional comes with the complete IDE, Web Services support, a JBOSS application server, a powerful configuration management tool and a SQLBase database server.

NXJ Developer Enterprise: Is your jumpstart Enterprise package that contains everything you need to start creating Rich Internet and SOA applications. NXJ Developer Enterprise provides powerful Business Process Management for Rich Internet and SOA applications. NXJ Developer Enterprise also provides an optional very rich and powerful reporting solution.
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