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Unify DBMoto for SQLBase [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: Gupta Technologies

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DBMoto for SQLBase offers 2-way SQLBase to SQLBase replication including SQLBase server to many desktop databases and DBMoto for SQLBase replicates data between SQLBase and Oracle and SQLBase and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Real time mirroring based ontransaction log activity
  • Full refresh replication
  • Synchronization mode
  • No programming needed
  • Administrative Wizards
  • Table Synchronization
  • Full customization via scripting
  • Built-in transformation functions,with extensive custom functions
  • Automatic creation of target tables
  • Remote accessibility of Enterprise Manager
  • Extensive internal and Windowslog reporting and accessibility
  • User-friendly graphical interface and platform

  • Better user decision support
  • Easy, instant data delivery
  • Keeps two databases in sync -- Database server stability maintained
  • Fast, easy configuration and setup
  • Accurate data across platforms
  • Detailed transformation control
  • Fast data deployment
  • Convenient administration
  • Audit tool for data analysis
  • Short learning curve
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