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ActiveAnalysis [v2.1 Commercial - Perpetual Licence Upgrade With Maintenance (1-Year) From Data Dynamics Analysis (1) Developer - Electronic Windows]

Published By: GrapeCity Inc.

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New Features

Rapidly embed out-of-the box OLAP, data visualization, and business intelligence features with ActiveAnalysis for Silverlight, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET. Connect to virtually any data source! Rolling out your own ad-hoc Business Intelligence application is now easier than ever.

New in ActiveAnalysis 2 (formerly Data Dynamics Analysis)

  • Developers using MdxDataSource can now initiate SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) actions such as URL, Report, and HTML
  • Use Schema objects to generate in-memory schema in Relational and XML Data Sources. This provides developers flexibility in determining whether to provide a schema file path or a schema object when setting a custom schema.
  • ActiveAnalysis now provides the ability to connect to databases using ADO.NET data providers. Developers can now use custom data providers such as SQLite and SQLCE to create data connections.
  • Now developers can determine what they want to show their users as underlying data. They may choose between making only the fact table accessible to the end user or provide them access to all of the underlying data.
  • Users can decide if they want a default totals row to be displayed at the end of their data or add default subtotals rows to groups of data.
  • Commonly used namespaces like ActiveAnalysis.Schema, ActiveAnalysis.Layout, ActiveAnalysis.DataSources are now in a common assembly file (GrapeCity.ActiveAnalysis.dll).

Web and Windows data analysis

Available with a Windows Forms component, Silverlight component and an ASP.NET Ajax Web component you can provide a multi-tiered data analysis tool almost anywhere.

Interactive data analysis

A single connection can generate thousands of chart variations using nothing more than a mouse. Each view gives you a different perspective on your business data.

Powerful data binding

Connect to any data source including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Xml, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and many more.

  • Relational data - Model fields from any OleDb data source, SQL Server data source or ODBC data source into dimensions, measures, hierarchies and named data sets.
  • XML data - Transform your XML data into visual charts and pivot tables. GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis has built-in support for analysing XML data.
  • Disconnected data - Disconnect your data by saving it to a compressed format. This allows business users to analyse data away from the data source in a fully disconnected mode.
  • Multidimensional data - Connect to SQL Server Analysis Services data cubes and begin exploring the data in an exciting new way.
  • Unbound data - You can use the unbound data source to connect to in-memory business objects and any data source that isn't directly supported. Some examples of unbound data include analysing data from a web service or analysing your computer¿s processor load.


Combined pivot tables and a wide range of data charts are available to you at a click of a button. Turn a cross-tab pivot table into a trellis display of feature-rich charts.


Connect multiple Pivot View controls to a single data source and arrange them to suit your liking thereby forming a dashboard.

Undo and redo

When you analyse data, you are looking for undiscovered patterns, for insight. In order to support this fast analytical thinking, GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis provides the ability to undo any changes made to the view. This allows you to revisit previous results at any time.

Unstructured data

Model unstructured data into a multidimensional format by using a single XML file where you can structure a flat set of data to support full OLAP analysis. The following objects can be modelled from unstructured data:

  • Hierarchies - organise multiple categories that are closely related to each other into separate levels
  • Dimensions - group like fields together into logical collections using custom dimensions
  • Attributes ¿ these are individual fields from the underlying data source
  • Measures - transform any numeric data into a measure
  • Calculated attributes - execute functions on attributes values
  • Calculated measures - execute functions on calculated values

Data filters

Perform further analysis using data filters:

  • Top N filters - filter the top 10 results, the bottom 15% etc.
  • Conditional member filters - filter data based on a particular condition. For example filter on a list of values that exclude or include some specific text.
  • Value filters - filter values based on a particular condition. For example filter on a list of values greater than a specific value.
  • Manual filters - manually filter out values using check boxes, range sliders and other manual methods
  • Quick filters - offer quick access to hierarchical and numeric filtering capabilities

Data summaries, aggregates and drill downs

Highlight a selection of data points and watch them summarise into various aggregate results on the Summary Card. This feature gives detailed analysis of dynamic displays, and makes it easy to determine what values make up major outliers.

You can even highlight a section of data and use the built-in context menu to view the underlying data. All data sources can extract aggregate data. GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis also enables business users to drill down into databases to gain deep insight to their business data, and to roll values up for automatic summaries.

Calculated fields

Add calculated fields to your solution with little effort. You can send calculated fields directly to the data source, or configure them to calculate in the data engine after the results are queried from the data source.


Share your results with others by using the built-in print preview feature. All of the presentation data is sent to the printer as well to help describe the resulting view, including the various legends, the title, and the description text.


Deliver permission-based security to every aspect of the analysis solution. Easily provide a role-based security system using built-in persist flags to load custom security settings per user.


Offers a robust themes engine that lets you create the look and feel that you want. Control the look of each aspect of the view using a CSS style approach. The product ships with many pre-built themes like Office 2007, Windows Classic, Windows Vista, and more.

Easy to deploy

With royalty-free deployment and robust save/loading support you can save lots of time and money when deploying an analysis solution:

  • Layouts - save layout configurations to XML and you can load them later to refresh the view with updated results
  • Card settings - save and load card layouts allowing each user to customise layouts to fit their needs
  • Permissions - the ability to load permissions is a key feature of GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis and is extremely easy to do. At design time, you are presented with a checked list of various permission settings. At run time, it's as easy as loading a saved XML file.
  • Styles - Every aspect of the user interface is configurable. This enables you to style the Pivot View to fit seamlessly into your existing Windows Forms and ASP.NET applications.
  • Data source - GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis enables layout files to persist the data source information with the layout file, ensuring that the layout always uses the specified data source.

Products purchased with Maintenance provide:

  • Free email support
  • Free membership on support site
  • Free forum support monitored by support and development teams
  • Free maintenance downloads
  • All Major and minor version releases for one year
  • Automatic notification of all new maintenance releases
  • Automatic notification and delivery of new versions
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited Support Calls.

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