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Applicability Statement 2 Module [Production - Commercial - Perpetual Licence (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: GlobalSCAPE

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EFT Server is a secure FTP server that allows your company to guarantee secure file transfer among worldwide offices, clients, and business partners. By incorporating multiple protocols, secure access, and flexible authentication, you can ensure compliance at the highest levels, including PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, and more, all while streamlining your systems and processes with EFT Server's powerful management automation tools.

EFT Server 6.4.3: New Features

Certain new features below are available only in EFT Server Enterprise and/or only with the modules.

Globalscape's EFT Server version 6.4.3 focuses on IPv6 readiness, Common Access Card support and improved post processing capabilities.

IPv6 Compatibility

Comprehensive IPv6 support, including dual-stack support, throughout EFT Server and its companion product, DMZ Gateway.

CAC Smart Cards

Common Access Card certificate-based authentication for government employees.

Deep Search

Search mode can now find matching values within nodes. For example, find an Event Rule based on the rule¿s contents, as opposed to just the rule name.

Folder Sweep

Extends EFT Server¿s folder monitoring to also sweep monitored folders on a periodic basis to pick up missed or pre-existing files for processing.

Faster Transfers

SFTP (SSH2) file transfers to remote hosts are now 2-3X faster than competitor SFTP clients.

Scores of improvements and fixes

Many minor product and installer related improvements in usability, stability, and even security. See the change log for the complete list.

ETF Server 6.3: New Features

Globalscape's EFT Server, version 6.3 continues the shift from an operational focus to a governance focus by adding features that improve visibility and insight into transactions and workflow. We have also made significant investments in the areas of security, usability, performance, and quality, all of which exemplify our commitment to producing best-of-breed MFT software that can meet the most demanding enterprise MFT requirements.

Status Viewer

Better visibility with real-time monitoring of all inbound and outbound traffic.

Two-factor Authentication

Authenticate against RADIUS or RSA SecurID using your hardware tokens and one-time passwords.

Improved Security

Revamped IP access/ban system, session based HTTP logons, SSO and IWA support, OWAPS compliant password and username recovery.

Secure Ad-Hoc Improvements

Web-based administration, send multiple files or folders, support for >2GB files, upgrade support without loss of customisation.

SharePoint Server Integration

A new SharePoint integration action has been added to the Advanced Workflow Engine along with scores of additional enhancements.

Write to Windows Event Log

New triggers, conditions, and actions, such as the Write to Windows Event Log action have been added to EFT Server's event rule system.

Easier Branding

Easier customisation and branding of the business partner portal (logon) page ¿ now Site (virtual host) specific and fully customisable.

EFT Server modules

EFT Server functionality can be extended with a range of add-on modules:

  • DMZ Gateway - multi-platform (Windows, Linux/Unix, Solaris), multi-layered security solution that allows implementing the highest levels of security for data storage and retrieval, authentication and firewall traversal
  • DMZ Gateway Enterprise - This version of the DMZ Gateway offers the same valuable protection for multiple EFT Server hosts without the need to replicate the DMZ Gateway installation and license
  • Auditing and Reporting Module - capture and view all the transactions of EFT Server
  • High Security Module - comply with FIPS 140-2 and PCI DSS 1.2, securely wipe delete data, assign Active Directory accounts for EFT Server administration, and implement advanced password, account, and resource security policies
  • OpenPGP Module - safeguard data at rest using OpenPGP encryption
  • Person-to-Person File Transfer - Allow users inside an enterprise to send and receive files of any size to and from recipients outside the organisation with secure authentication, non-repudiation and auditing capabilities
  • Web Transfer Client - cross platform web client provides powerful file transfer features and a rich user interface
  • HTTP/S Module - allows you to set up a secure connection to anyone in minutes-all they need is a web browser
  • SFTP/SSH Module - SFTP benefits include single connection port for easy firewall navigation, password and public key authentication and strong data encryption
  • AS2 Module - exchange data or EDI messages with business partners over Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) protocol
  • Advanced Workflow Engine - extend the capabilities of EFT Server with event-driven, real-time processing of over 200 automated actions.

SMB Edition

  • Meet Strict Security and Compliance Standards
  • Easy to Use Interfaces
  • Provision Users Quickly & Efficiently
  • Track & Audit All Data Transfers
  • Receive Data From Partners.

Enterprise Edition

The functionality of the SMB edition, plus:

  • Automate Over 200 Actions
  • Delegate Administration
  • Monitor Transactions Real-Time
  • Push Data to Partners
  • Integrate with Back-End Systems
  • GUI-Based Workflow
  • Quick-Start Services
  • Professional & Consulting Services.

ETF Server

  • Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R1&2 (Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter editions) x86-64, and Windows 7 (in v6.1 and later)
  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • EFT Server and DMZ Gateway must be installed on separate computers
  • If EFT Server will be monitoring Samba network shares, version 3.0.25 of Samba is required.

ETF Server Administration Interface

The administration interface must be installed on the same computer as EFT Server, but also can be installed on other computers for remote administration.

  • Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 (Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter editions) x86-64, and Windows 7 (in v6.1 and later)
  • 50 MB of free RAM, minimum
  • 1024x768 resolution or higher display.

Please note: many of the add-on modules have additional system requirements.

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