Universal Type Client [v6.x Academic - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (VLA) (1) Licence - Electronic *Requires Professional or Enterprise Server* Windows/Mac OSX] boxshot

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Universal Type Client [v6.x Academic - Perpetual Licence With Maintenance (1-Year) (VLA) (1) Licence - Electronic *Requires Professional or Enterprise Server* Windows/Mac OSX]

Published By: Extensis (Celartem Inc)

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Centralise, organise, and distribute your entire font library. With the exceptional font access and license compliance of this font server, everyone on your team stays creative and productive.

Sync Your Font Library Across the Team

No matter the size of your team, quantity of fonts in your collection, or physical location, Universal Type Server helps you with the difficult, yet critical, font management task of keeping everyone in sync with fast and easy centralised font distribution.

The Right Fonts at the Right Time

Creative work requires fonts, and missing fonts are the enemy of productivity. Universal Type Server gives your team immediate access to your entire collection. Powered by Font Sense technology, the font auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite®, Creative Cloud®, and QuarkXPress® provide fonts seamlessly without user intervention.

Font License Control

Fonts are licensed just like any other software. Universal Type Server can help mitigate your risk by tightly managing your font environment. Segment access to your collection, manage how fonts are used by your team, prevent the use of unlicensed fonts, and track font usage through activity reports.

User Management with Active Directory

Universal Type Server was configured with the needs of fast-paced IT environments in mind. With the ability to be configured and administered remotely using the web-based interface, Universal Type Server includes Directory Services connections and flexible user settings and permissions to make user management and font deployment fast and efficient. Keep your creative professionals organized and efficient, all while maintaining the sanity of your IT team.

Stay Creative and Efficient

Beyond the font management tools of Type Server, the Universal Type Client ensures that every member of your creative team is productive and creative. Whether selecting a font for a new project or locating one for a project from years ago, fonts have the ability to quickly derail any creative endeavor. The Type Client ensures that everyone can efficiently organise and use fonts for their creative endeavors.

Universal Type Server includes multiple Client connection options that ensure every team member has the fonts that they need.
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