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DBISAM is an embedded database engine for use by developers within their applications. It is currently available for the Borland Delphi, C++Builder, Developer Studio, and Kylix products, the CodeGear RAD Studio products, and any development environment that can use ODBC for data access such PHP or Java.

Features Overview


DBISAM can be used as a single-user, multi-user, or client-server engine.

DBISAM does not pre-allocate large blocks of memory and uses, by default, a very small 128k of memory for each physical table in a session that contains BLOB fields and 96k for each physical table in a session that does not contain BLOB fields - 32k for records, 64k for indexes, and 32k for BLOBs (if present).

Automatic record locking and manual table locking is provided in DBISAM. Record locking can be configured to be pessmistic (default) or optimistic.

Table Format Features

The default maximum file size in DBISAM is 4 gigabytes . You can enable extended support for files up to 128 gigabytes. However, this is only currently available for Windows only. Tables support all common data types, encryption, locales, versioning, blob compression and much more.

SQL and Filter Support

DBISAM includes a subset of the SQL-92 standard, including a query optimiser, query plans, live and canned result sets, parameterised queries, query progress events, scripts, and extended SQL syntax for DBISAM-specific features.

Also, complete expression filter support is provided, including a filter optimiser, and filters use the same syntax as SQL expressions, even extended operators such as LIKE and BETWEEN and functions.

Client-Server Access

DBISAM includes support for remote client-server access to a DBISAM database server. You can switch between local or multi-user usage and client-server usage with just a few property changes. Remote sessions include support for keep-alive pinging or the ability to maintain sessions that can survive connection interruptions, complete with dead session management for sessions that will never be reconnected due to a fatal client problem. Connection timeouts for remote sessions can be adjusted, and an event is fired whenever DBISAM is about to disconnect a remote session due to inactivity.

Remote sessions can be configured to use compression and strong encryption when accessing a DBISAM database server. Compression can be adjusted on-the-fly while a session is active.

Activity tracing is available so that you may monitor all requests and responses for a given remote session. This is useful both for performance optimisations and for audit logging purposes.


DBISAM provides full local and remote administration capabilities. Databases can be backed up and restored manually or within scheduled events that automatically run at specified intervals. In fact, any administrative function can be run using a scheduled event.

DBISAM includes table creation and structure alteration, table verification and repair, table optimisation, and import and export functionality. All of this functionality comes complete with progress, data conversion error, and log events to ensure that their execution can be customised and reported upon.

Adaptable Architecture

Whether single-user, multi-user, or client-server, DBISAM can support the architecture that you need with minimal changes that can be made at application runtime.

BDE Replacement

DBISAM was designed to be the ideal BDE (Borland Database Engine) replacement, especially for Paradox databases. Developers can replace the BDE in an existing BDE application very quickly, and, in the process, open up a wide new array of functionality that was previously unavailable.


All DBISAM products include royalty-free distribution and one year of phone, email, and newsgroup support.

Small and Compact

DBISAM can be compiled directly into a Win32 Delphi, C++Builder, or RAD Studio application, adding very little to the executable size. The DBISAM ODBC Driver is just a single .DLL, approximately 1.8MB in size. The DBISAM Database Server is approximately 1.5MB in size.

Solid and Reliable

All DBISAM products are thoroughly tested with feature and regression tests in an automated test framework.
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