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EMC EmailXtender for Microsoft Exchange improves operational efficiency and reduces the administrative cost of your Exchange environment. With its centrally managed, full-text indexed archive, EmailXtender for Microsoft Exchange makes it easy to locate and retrieve relevant messages, whether users are online or offline.

Use the flexible archiving and retention policy features in this e-mail management software to determine what messages should be archived and for how long.

  • Intelligent .PST migration - Rely on EmailXtender for Microsoft Exchange to automatically archive .PST files and restrict the ability to create new files.
  • Flexible, automated policies - Determine what messages should be archived and for how long, based on flexible policies.
  • Centrally managed archive - Reduce management overhead by eliminating redundant messages and accelerating search results.
  • Managed mailbox size - Decrease storage requirements for your production environment and supply users with virtually 'infinite' mailboxes.
  • Uninterrupted access - Provide access to content¿online or offline¿through the EmailXtender User Cache add-on module.
  • User-directed archiving - Let users define documents, enable efficient legal hold within EmailXtender, and view through a Notes interface.
  • Auditing and reporting - Monitor the effectiveness of archiving operations and produce reports of archive activities.
  • Heterogeneous message support - Store all electronic communications in one archive, including instant messaging and e-mails from multiple platforms.
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