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Dundas Dashboard [Please Call for Pricing]

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New Features

Dundas Dashboard makes it easy for anyone within your organisation to design dashboards to help improve your business intelligence capabilities. Rapidly produce dashboards to visualise KPI metrics and other data, use a range of basic chart types including bar, pie and line graphs as well as more complex types such as tree maps or use gauges to visualise progress along a set scale. A drag-and-drop designer, along with wizards, make setting up dashboards a quick and simple task. Extend Dundas Dashboard further using DundasScript which enables customisation of hover-over¿s, drill-downs and more. Even embed dashboards into your own web and desktop environments using the provided viewer control.

Dundas Dashboard 3 - New Features

Mobile device support

Dundas Dashboard 3 supports all major tablets and smartphones with the incorporation of HTML 5. Everything is optimised for the best possible viewing experience which takes screen size and user input methods into account. Plus native apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android smartphones provide maximum usability in the limited screen space.

Advanced analytics

Take advantage of new formula functionality with formulas for forecasting, financial and statistical analysis. Plus new OLAP features allow you to create fully-customised analytical dashboards to view and interact with SSAS and SAP BW data cubes, create reports and visualise data in charts and pivot tables.

New data visualisations

New and enhanced data visualisations include scorecards with support for spark lines or bullet graphs, win/loss charts and a new range bar chart for creating project management dashboards.

Designer enhancements

Dundas Dashboard 3 features a new script editor which supports C# keyword highlighting, auto-complete for methods, properties and object names, along with much more. A new dashboard elements browser makes it even easier to edit dashboards. Plus new dashboard themes make it easier to customise the visual appearance of a dashboard at the click of a button.

Multi-language support

The dashboard viewer can be translated into any language of your choice, including right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Data Visualisations

Dundas Dashboard features over 40 distinct visualisations, from charts, gauges and maps to scorecards, spark lines and state indicators. The customisable, attractive visualisations are what truly sets Dundas Dashboard apart.

Mobile Support

Support for HTML5 as well as native apps for all major smartphones and tablets will keep your mobile workforce connected.


Create powerful analytical dashboards using OLAP technology. Perform insightful data analysis with a wide variety of forecasting, financial and statistical formulas.

Data Source Support

Connect to a long list of data sources, including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Access, MS OLAP, SAP BW, Teradata, Visual FoxPro, Google Analytics, and many more.

Talk about your Data

Add context to your business metrics by adding annotations, discussion threads and comments directly to the dashboard.

Customisation and Interactivity

Customise every detail of your dashboards with the flexible dashboard designer. A built-in scripting engine allows you to create interactions to make each dashboard unique.

Alerts and Notifications

Have Dundas Dashboard email you when your data reaches specified conditions or when users comment on your dashboards. Email your dashboards on a custom schedule (e.g. weekly sales reports).

Application Integration

Integrate Dundas Dashboard with your existing authentication systems, data sources, and web applications, with full support for Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, MS SQL, Silverlight and ASP.NET.

Product Extensibility

Extend Dundas Dashboard with custom visualisations, data connectors, authentication and more, using the open APIs.

Self-Serve BI

Give your users the freedom to pick and choose which business metrics they wish to see using the dashboard mashups feature.

Dundas Dashboard Support

Get expert support from experienced dashboard developers, designers and business analysts who can assist in every facet of dashboard creation.

Dundas Dashboard has a flexible licensing model to meet your enterprise's specific needs. For details, and for pricing, please contact us.

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