Dolphin Guide HandsFree [v5.x Software Update Package (up to 45 days)] boxshot

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Dolphin Guide HandsFree [v5.x Software Update Package (up to 45 days)]

Published By: Dolphin Computer Access Ltd

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Our Part #: 540578 | Availability: Usually delivered within 5 working days | Media: Boxed


Moving through the simple Dolphin Guide HandsFree menus is effortless when your voice is in control. The human sounding speech builds your confidence by confirming your progress and location, so you'll never get disoriented. Open a letter, dictate your words, and print to paper, all achieved with simple voice commands.

Whether you have a physical disability that makes using the keyboard impossible, or if you're just not ready to get to grips with a keyboard, Dolphin Guide HandsFree will support you all the way. And it doesn't matter if your vision is deteriorating, as the built-in speech and magnification ensures you'll always be in control.
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