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Datawatch Monarch Classic [v14.x Commercial - Maintenance (1-Year) (Citrix) (1) User - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows]

Published By: Datawatch

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Datawatch Monarch is an application that runs on your Windows desktop and as soon as you drop a file or web page onto the canvas it automatically begins to extract into analytics-ready rows and columns. You can also connect to all major relational, big data, and over 30 other sources, but often the most important information you need is locked away in existing reports or difficult sources that seem impossible to use without re-keying the data. That’s where Datawatch Monarch shines.

Operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 or later, 4 GB RAM, 600 MB disk

Data source inputs:
  • Documents: PDF Report, Text, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, HTML
  • Relational: Access, SQL Server, Postgres SQL, MySQL, Informix, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, ODBC, OLEDB, OData
  • Big Data: Hadoop, MongoDB, Cloudant, Redshift, Impala
  • Other: Salesforce, SAP BusinessObjects Universe

Native data exports: IBM Watson and Cognos Analytics, Tableau, Qlik, Angoss, CSV, Excel, Access, Datawatch Designer
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