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Undelete Server [Government - Maintenance (3-Years) (500-999) Per Licence - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows]

Published By: Condusiv Technologies

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Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted or who deleted them. Plus Undelete captures all the files the Windows Recycle Bin misses, such as those deleted from shared network folders, deleted from commonly used applications, deleted by the Windows command prompt, or replaced when newer versions of a file are saved. The Server, Professional and Client editions of Undelete let you see the contents of Recovery Bins on remote computers like file servers, allowing IT or users to recover their deleted files across the network with a single click of a button.

New! User interface

The Undelete Interface has been given a more dynamic look and feel for simpler navigation, ease of use and quality of experience.

New! Search wizard

A single pane view that provides a fast and easy way to find a lost file.

New! One-button search

Allows the user to locate files deleted within a 24-hour period or one week period with one click.

Enhanced recovery bin

The Recovery Bin catches all files no matter how they were deleted, allowing instant recovery with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Recovery Bin mimics the directory structure of your disk and includes a powerful and intuitive search function, making it easy to find and recover files. Undelete adjusts the Recovery Bin to your volume¿s available space, automatically protecting more files when free space is available and less data when it is not.

Server client functionality (Undelete Professional)

Undelete Professional automatically looks for and connects to Undelete Server recovery bins, allowing users to seamlessly recover their own deleted files on remote storage servers. Undelete maintains Windows NTFS security to ensure that users can only access files for which they have permission.

Centralised management (Undelete Server)

Undelete 10 delivers centralised management to easily extend your file recovery infrastructure across a distributed environment and remote offices so your server and desktop data protection is easily managed from a central office as your business grows. Efficiently manage Windows systems through a single system.

Undelete Desktop client licences (Undelete Server)

With the Undelete Desktop Client, users of computers attached to your servers can recover their own files directly from server Recovery Bins. Each Undelete Server license now includes 10 licenses of the Undelete Desktop Client.

Version recovery for Microsoft Office

Undelete automatically captures old versions of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), allowing recovery of earlier, saved-over versions. Version Recovery is integrated with Windows Explorer - simply right-click on a file to recover earlier versions.

SecureDelete electronic file shredder

With SecureDelete enabled, files that are purged from the recovery bin are overwritten with random data using a methodology developed for the National Security Agency. This popular feature provides the ability to securely delete files immediately (as they are deleted). This along with the Wipe Free Space functionality that overwrites a volume's free space, which may contain past remnants of confidential data provides a complete solution of erasing secure data.

Full-disclosure of deleted files

The Recovery Bin displays information about each deleted file including the file owner, the date and time the file was deleted, and the account used to delete the file.

Network file protection

With Undelete Desktop Client or Pro Edition installed on network clients, your users can connect to the Undelete Server Edition Recovery Bins installed on the network file servers and restore their own deleted or saved-over MS Office files. NTFS security is fully supported.

Dig deeper search

Dig Deeper Search allows you to search for and recover files deleted before Undelete was installed, provided they haven't been overwritten. Undelete 10 will save you time with support by also recreating the original folder paths, making reorganising your restored files a snap.

Extensive browsing

Save time and recover the right file. Undelete supports previewing protected files in the Recovery Bin to find the exact one you want to restore.

InvisiTasking technology

InvisiTasking allows for all background operations within Undelete to run with zero overhead. These invisible background tasks include:
  • Automatic purging of the Recovery Bin when it fills up
  • Managing the 'Common' Recovery Bin (moving files from one volume to another)
  • Securely overwriting free spaces using the automatic Wipe Free Space feature
  • Automatically adjusting the size of the enhanced Recovery Bin.

Full command line support

Major Undelete functionality also provided through the command line.

No reboot needed

Enhanced 'filter driver' eliminates the need to reboot your Windows 2008 servers. Installing and using Undelete is now easier than ever. However, Undelete 10 requires .NET 4. If .Net 4 is not installed on your system, Undelete will attempt to download and install it for you. A reboot may be required due to the .Net installation.

Undelete 10 Professional

Undelete Professional is for individuals saving and restoring files on their local machines, neither Undelete Server or Undelete Client will retrieve these files.
  • Real-time (event based) file protection for locally stored files
  • SecureDelete to permanently erase locally stored files
  • Instant file recovery of local computer files
  • Command line recovery
  • Simple UI with powerful search capabilities
  • Plus much more.

Undelete 10 Server

Contains the capabilities of Undelete Professional, and additionally includes:
  • Support for Windows Server operating systems
  • Deploy Undelete across your entire network (remote install feature available for workspace and NT domains)
  • 10 desktop client licences (you can purchase additional clients as needed).

Undelete 10 Client

Undelete Client connects to Undelete Server and allows users to retrieve their own files. Undelete Client will only work with Undelete Server and allows users to retrieve files from a network share only.

Undelete Professional

  • Operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
  • The disk space requirement for Undelete 10 Professional is about 140 MB.

Undelete Server
  • Server operating systems: Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 (including SP1, SP2 & R2), Windows Server 2003 (including SP1, SP2 & R2), Windows 7, Window Vista, Windows XP
  • Desktop client operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Window Vista, Windows XP
  • Disk subsystems supported: Extended Partitions, Logical Drives, Volume Sets, RAID Arrays (hardware and software), Removable Disks (such as ZIP drives, Flash or Thumb Drives and Memory Cards).
  • Resource requirements: The disk space requirement for Undelete Server is about 350 MB. The disk space requirement for Undelete Desktop Clients is about 80MB.

File systems supported
  • NTFS File Systems
  • 16/32-bit FAT File System
  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows Operating Systems
  • Does not support 12-bit FAT file systems (12-bit FAT file system is used on FAT volumes smaller than 16 megabytes in size, such as 1.44-MB floppy diskettes).
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