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SharePointBoost SharePoint Web Parts [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: BoostSolutions Co., Ltd

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SharePointBoost provide a range of SharePoint Web Parts, including:

  • SharePoint AD Administration - The SharePoint AD Administration web part allows administrators to delegate user management capabilities and Active Directory administration permissions to specific users so they can create, manage, and delete users and groups, reset other users' passwords, and edit AD profile information from within a predefined OU.
  • SharePoint AD Self Service - Enables users to view and modify their own Active Directory information from within a SharePoint web part. Administrators can fully control which properties may be edited and by whom, and can record all changes in a downloadable log file or in optional email notifications.
  • SharePoint List Collection - Roll up pertinent list items from multiple lists across a SharePoint site collection into a single, auto-updating data view that you can filter, group, sort and display according to your specifications. You can choose to include or exclude individual columns, lists or views, or display information in a standard, Calendar, or Gantt view. All changes are automatically synchronized with the source data, ensuring that everything is accurate and up-to-date.
  • SharePoint Password Change & Expiration 3.0 - SharePoint Password Change is a powerful password change web part, allowing users to change their own passwords without administrator intervention. Administrators can set detailed password policies, including length and security requirements, and configure notifications to alert users before their passwords expire.
  • SharePoint Project Timer - Remind your project team of upcoming milestones with the SharePoint Project Timer web part, which graphically counts down to your project target date.
  • SharePoint Site User Directory - The SharePoint Site User Directory web part displays AD user profile information in a navigational tree, quickly arranging user accounts alphabetically, by OU, by site, or by activity in SharePoint within a five-minute timeframe.
  • SharePoint Text Size Zoom - Text Size Zoom is a versatile web part that makes lengthy SharePoint lists more accessible by quickly and easily changing the default text size displayed on a SharePoint site. Increase or decrease the text size with one simple click!
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