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ApexSQL Developer Studio [Please Call for Pricing]

Published By: ApexSQL

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ApexSQL Developer Studio is a powerful bundle of SQL Server Developer tools. Included in this bundle is:

  • ApexSQL Edit The Ultimate Editor/IDE for SQL Server. Includes powerful snippets, object browser, intelliprompt and more.
  • ApexSQL Audit Active data auditing for SQL Server. Includes multiple modules for reporting, data management, trigger management and more.
  • ApexSQL Clean Search and Destroy for unreferenced SQL Objects in both the database and client code. Includes powerful visual dependency viewer.
  • ApexSQL Code The ultimate code generation tool, perfectly streamlined for SQL Server Database developers.
  • ApexSQL Diff Compare and Synchronize Databases. Includes Command Line Interface.
  • ApexSQL Doc Powerful Database documentation (.chm and .html).
  • ApexSQL Script Convert Database Structures and Data into scripts, exe's, packages etc. for versioning, deployment and more.

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