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Altova MobileTogether Server [v3.0x Commercial - Subscription Licence (1-Year) Per Server with 12 Cores - Electronic *Non-Returnable* Windows/Linux/Mac OSX]

Published By: Altova

£5,563.31 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 1242298 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic

New Features

Build Sophisticated Apps for All Platforms – in Record Time

Altova MobileTogether is an affordable, cross-platform mobile development framework for building data-centric apps for all devices. MobileTogether makes it easy to build full-featured, sophisticated, native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and 10.

Altova MobileTogether Features
  • Easy-to-use Designer for building sophisticated data-centric apps
  • Develop full-featured apps in record time
  • Your single design builds front end (client) and back end (server)
  • Build once - deploy to mobile and desktop devices instantly
  • True native apps (NOT just a wrapper)
  • Connect to back-end data in databases, XML, HTML, JSON, and Web services
  • Beautiful native apps for all mobile platforms and desktops
  • Perfect for bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios
  • Mobile apps are created in-house, by your development team

MobileTogether Designer
The free MobileTogether Designer uses a combination of visual, drag and drop UI design and powerful functional programming to build your mobile app.

Though developing apps in MobileTogether is easy, the framework is powerful enough to build any data-centric app imaginable – with no restrictions on complexity of the final product.

MobileTogether Mobile App
Choose whether to deploy your apps via the universal MobileTogether mobile client for in-house or enterprise apps. The MobileTogether App is available for free in the various app stores.

Or, for customer-facing apps, simply compile the MobileTogether generated code package for each platform, and submit the resulting native apps to the app stores yourself. You still only have to create one design in MobileTogether Designer.

MobileTogether Server
The MobileTogether framework includes the backend server for the mobile apps, so when you design and build your mobile app with MobileTogether Designer, you’re developing the front-end app and the back-end server logic at the same time and in one environment.

Apps are developed in the MobileTogether Designer are deployed to the MobileTogether Server, which provides connectivity to data sources and high-performance data processing including sophisticated cache control options.
If required by your app, the Server also allows granular management of user and roles definition, user access control, and comprehensive security functions.

MobileTogether Server is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, and may be deployed on premises or in the cloud.

The MobileTogether Server is sold on an annual subscription model based on the required number of server cores. Volume discounts are available for larger numbers of cores

New in MobileTogether

Near Field Communication:
  • Support for NFC messages

New Actions:
  • Ability to access mobile device contacts
  • Text to speech
  • Wait cursor
  • Actions for date and time pickers
  • Get file info
  • View an image full-screen

Enhancements to Existing Actions:
  • Pre-defined sounds for common scenarios
  • Support for reply-to in emails
  • Significantly extended scroll-to action
  • Goto page/subpage via XPath

New Features for Tables:
  • Dynamic table growth: left to right
  • On-demand loading of tables

Additional Features:
  • New predefined button looks
  • JSON5 support
  • Numerous chart enhancements
  • Improvements in Browser execution
  • Single-thread execution option for MobileTogether Server

New in MobileTogether Version 3.0:
  • Support for scanning barcodes
  • Multi-level style sheets
  • Automated testing facility - to record and re-run tests in Designer and on clients
  • New action: print to PDF, Word, or RTF from client
  • Ability to open files (e.g., PDF) on client
  • Significant speed increase for Windows and Windows Phone client
  • Completely re-written browser client

Features added in MobileTogether Version 2.2:
  • End User File Dialog
  • Audio Recording
  • Play Audio
  • Play Video
  • Video Control
  • Audio and Video XQuery Extension Functions
  • New Simulator Feature for LAN connections
  • Enhanced Context Menu for Tables

Features added in MobileTogether Version 2.1:
  • Scrollable tables
  • New property: table row/column background color
  • Possibility to align nested tables
  • Subpages: possibility to return result on close
  • Creating folders automatically when saving files on client or server
  • Action groups: possibility to pass parameters

New button looks:
  • Share
  • Email

New controls:
  • Slide
  • Vertical line

New actions:
  • Share
  • DB Bulk Insert Into
  • Let
  • Return
  • Try/Catch
  • Throw
  • Cancel Action Execution
  • Scroll to Table Bottom
  • Load Image
  • Show Route
  • Loading/saving files on client devices
  • Restart/Stop Page Timer
  • Delete Files/Folders
  • User Cancel Behavior

Key Features:

  • Support for NFC messages
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Altova automation servers
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Requires very little supervision or monitoring
  • Choose from among 12 different user-role privileges
  • With a click of a mouse, the mobile solution is deployed from the MobileTogether Designer through the server to the MobileTogether Mobile App
  • Set standards for containers, design fields and security
  • Adjustable severity settings in Log View
  • Robust support for geolocation services
  • Support for Android
  • Support for XPath/XQuery 3.1
  • String localization Support for specific headers in HTTP requests
  • Feature allowing one MobileTogether solution to start another solution when it terminates
  • iOS 7/8 rendering in the Simulator portion of the MobileTogether Designer
  • Ability to edit the XML tree in the Simulator
  • Additional refactoring support
  • Support for Android version 5.0
  • Display versions of connected clients on the MobileTogether Server

The MobileTogether Server is sold on an annual subscription model based on the required number of server cores. Volume discounts are available for larger numbers of cores.

Installed User Licence
Install and use the Altova software on any PC up to the number of licenses purchased. For example, if you purchase a 5 User Installed License, you may install and run the Software on 5 machines and all 5 users can use the software at any given point in time.

Named User Licence
Per each Named User Licence, one individual may install and use the Altova software on up to 5 computers, provided they are the sole user of the software and are not using more than one copy at any one time.

Concurrent User Licence
Install the Altova software on any number of PC's up to 10 times the number of licenses purchased, provided that only the permitted numbers of users use the software at the same time.

For example, if you purchase a 5 User Concurrent License, you may install the Software on up to 50 machines (Permitted Number of Users 5 multiplied by 10 = 50). Although the Software maybe installed on up to 50 machines, only 5 users may use the software at any given point in time.

The Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) can be purchased for 25% of the product price for a one-year period or 40% of the product price for a two-year period (i.e., 20% per year). SMP is only offered with 30 days of an Altova software purchase. It includes: Major upgrades released during the support period and Priority Technical Support provided via Web-based support form.

Free updates to all maintenance releases or updates for the duration of the support period.

The Support period begins on the day of the product purchase and extends for a period of 12 or 24 months, depending on the length of the SMP plan purchased.

Please note: Customers may elect to purchase SMP up to 30 days following their initial product purchase. However, if SMP is not included at the time of the product purchase, the partner or customer must contact Altova Sales directly to add SMP.

All upgrades for customers without SMP will cost approximately 60% of the total product cost, so convince customers to buy SMP and save big!

Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) Renewals for existing SMP customers are available via our online shop.
Time restricted option - only available until the expiration date of the current SMP licence.

Early purchase available - the remaining SMP period is added to the duration of the new SMP.
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