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EventReporter Professional [Commercial - Maintenance (1-Year) (2-5) Per User - Electronic Windows]

Published By: Adiscon GmbH

£17.01 (Ex. VAT)

Our Part #: 1055035 | Availability:  delivered via Email | Media: Electronic


EventReporter is a Windows event log processor and (syslog) forwarder. Key benefits include:

  • Comply to laws and company policies by gathering all the audit data you need.
  • Consolidate multiple event logs and create a central repository.
  • Forward Windows events via standard syslog protocol. Each event can be sent to multiple syslog servers.
  • Be alerted before something goes wrong. Event alerts can be delivered via email and other notifications. This option is an enabler for smaller organizations or service providers unattended monitoring their client's servers.
  • Directly store Windows events to local and remote databases.
  • Focus on what you need - powerful and flexible rules allow to customize event processing based on all event properties (like event id, user ids or message content). Simply discard what you do not need.
  • Automated and unattended operation because EventReporter is a native multithreaded Windows service. It starts up at system boot and runs unattended in the background.
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