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activePDF WebGrabber [Developer Program - Commercial - Subscription Licence With Support (1-Year) (1) Site - Electronic Windows]

Published By: ActivePDF

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activePDF WebGrabber is the industry-leader in reliable control PDF output with server-side processing, enabling centralised PDF settings to maintain established company guidelines. Whether you're converting web pages to printable PDF or generating reports on-the-fly from raw HTML data, WebGrabber's simple to use API will have you up and running in no time.


Offering a robust COM and .NET native API, activePDF provides an easy, affordable means to add PDF file conversion functionality to all of your applications. Capable of converting commonly used file formats both to and from PDF, integration is as simple as a single method call.

Generate Intelligent PDF

activePDF solutions handle even the most complex Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with ease, offering 'Intelligent PDF' features that make PDFs come alive by converting Word headings, metadata, hyperlinks and more, to equivalent PDF elements.

PDF Security

activePDF¿s vast product line includes properties and methods for setting document metadata, such as title and author, and for applying 40-bit or 128-bit security to output PDFs, enabling you to fully secure your mission-critical PDF documents. Security options include password-protection, allowing you to disable printing of PDFs, prevent copying of text and graphics.

Remote Conversion Support

Saving time and hassle, activePDF supports remote submissions, allowing you to submit documents to your application's server from a remote location for conversion to PDF.

Convert HTML to PDF

A robust server-side software solution, activePDF WebGrabber provides you the easiest, most cost-effective way to convert HTML from virtually any source into secure, printable PDF files. Whether converting HTML from a stream, a URL, or a static file, WebGrabber¿s powerful flexible API affords you complete control over your PDF output, while a variety of licensing options offer you unsurpassed flexibility in deployment.

Embed Flash Files

Bring your PDF back to life with the activePDF WebGrabber! The latest product versions support Flash file conversions, allowing you to add movies, animations, and sounds to your PDF presentation.

Centralised PDF Settings

activePDF offers affordable server-based PDF solutions that take the guesswork out of the PDF conversion process making it both simple and seamless to end users. Licensed per server, these activePDF solutions can help your organisation significantly reduce per-user software and support costs by offering centralised PDF generation and development functionalities.

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