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activePDF DocConverter [Production - Commercial - Maintenance & Support (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic Windows]

Published By: ActivePDF

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activePDF DocConverter is a powerful .NET/COM document conversion tool, offering support for nearly 300 file types. Extend scalable conversion capabilities across the enterprise while managing processes from a single location. Centralise output settings without any third party software. Integrate document conversion into your existing applications. Create watched folders for simple drag-and drop conversions, auto append new pages to existing PDF and retain interactive elements with secure PDF output.

Convert Documents to PDF

Native support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and over 300 other formats. No per document or per user fee.

Convert PDFs to other Formats

Convert documents to PDF. Convert from PDF to Word, Excel, HTML, text file, image file and PDF/A.

Watched Folder Support

DocConverter operates in batch mode via directory scanning for on demand PDF conversion. Watch folders are scanned allowing users to drag and drop files from the desktop to the server. DocConverter converts files to PDF automatically then stores the PDF output in a folder for further processing or retrieval.


Add affordable file conversion functionality to all applications. Convert commonly used file formats To/From PDF with a single method call.

Generate Intelligent PDF

Intelligent PDF features convert Word headings, metadata, hyperlinks and more to PDF elements. Easily handles complex Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

PDF/A and PDF/X Creation and Validation

Create, migrate and validate PDF/A and PDF/X documents. Validated documents are tracked in an XML logic file ensuring documents are fully compliant with ISO 19005-1PDF/A standards.

PDF Security

Apply 40-bit and 128-bit security to PDF output. Password-protect security options allow you to disable printing functions to prevent copying text and graphics. Set document metadata including title and author.

Support Remote Conversions

Submit documents from remote locations for PDF conversion.

Centralise Enterprise PDF Settings

Centralised PDF generation and conversion functionalities reduces software and support costs.

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