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Xceed Zip for .NET

Published By:  Xceed Software Inc

Multi-talented .NET zip/data compression library. Provides zip/unzip, tar, gzip, streaming, AES, secure FTP and file manipulation.

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Xceed Zip for .NET is a data compression class library for .NET and ASP.NET that provides zip, unzip, tar, gzip and streaming data compression capabilities. Because it's powered by the Xceed FileSystem Core, the library is multi-talented, letting you also perform secure FTP operations (including through HTTP proxy servers), and handle compressed and remote files and folders as easily as if you were working with local ones.

It's the only managed .NET library to offer the complete range of Zip features, including split/spanned files, customized self-extracting Zip files (.EXE), flexible memory operations, PPMd, BZip2, BWT, and Deflate64 compression methods, the Zip64 zip file format, and industry-standard AES encryption compatible with WinZip 9 & 10.

Written in 100%-managed C# code, the library is designed to offer .NET developers the highest performance and flexibility possible. It also offers extremely easy-to-use shortcuts for basic data manipulation tasks with only a single line of code.

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