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Xceed FTP for .NET

Published By:  Xceed Software Inc

Easily add efficient FTP and Secure FTP file transfer to your .NET or ASP.NET apps.

Product Variants

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Flexible, reliable and mature, with a 12-year track record. Easily add efficient FTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL) file transfer capabilities to your .NET or ASP.NET apps. Backed by a responsive support and development team whose sole ambition is your complete satisfaction.

  • Works with all FTP server types, supports all major FTP operations
  • Efficient implementation of FTP and FTPS protocols
  • Built-in Zip/Unzip and strong encryption

.NET Technology

  • Works with .NET 4.0 to 4.6.X, and ASP.NET. Separate build available for .NET 2.0 to 3. Works with Visual Studio 2005-2015.
  • 100% managed code written in C#. Source code included with the Blueprint subscription.
  • NET and C# sample applications included for Visual Studio.

FTP protocol features

  • RFC 959, 1123, and 1579 compliant.
  • Supports FTPS (secure FTP over SSL).
  • Supports the FEAT command (also known as the “Knowledge of Extra Capabilities').
  • Supports MLST and MLSD commands for precise interpretation of filenames, dates and other file info.

Major features

  • Send and receive files, folders, or entire directory structures quickly and easily.
  • Send and receive files to or from disk or memory streams.
  • Support for non-blocking (asynchronous) FTP operations.
  • Operations can be aborted at any time.

Component interactivity / events

  • Provides status report events on a file-by-file basis as well as on the entire operation being performed.
  • Status reports include various completion percentages, byte counts, file counts, bytes per second, bytes skipped, number of files skipped, and more. Displaying a progress bar could not be easier.

Multi-talented capabilities

  • Exposes Xceed’s unique, flexible FileSystem object model for deep integration with Xceed Zip for .NET. Lets you work with files and folders on an FTP server as if they were local.
  • Built-in data compression capabilities and AES encryption thanks to the Xceed FileSystem Core. Includes all Xceed Zip for .NET capabilities. No additional learning curve or effor.

Other features

  • Creates filters so you can send or receive only files that fit specific criteria such as file size or date.
  • Allows you to rename or change filenames and paths before sending.
  • Automatic logging to memory or to disk.
  • Three “Quick' classes provide static methods that let you perform FTP, Tar, and GZip operations with a single line of code: QuickFtp, QuickTar, and QuickGZip. These new classes accompany and complement the currently available QuickZip and QuickCompression classes.

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