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Xceed DataGrid for WPF

Published By:  Xceed Software Inc

Provides a rich, fluid, and high performance datagrid for WPF with rich in-place editing, hierarchical master-detail, 2D/3D views & more!

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Xceed DataGrid for WPF helps you deliver robust apps that give your end-users a rich, fluid, high-performance experience. The only datagrid with asynchronous data virtualisation: your grid feels fast even with remote data sources!

  • Stable and mature - the first WPF datagrid on the market and is under constant development. So you know you can build apps you and your end-users can trust in mission-critical situations.
  • Rich, fluid and high performance user experience - such as inertial smooth scrolling and animated full-column reordering - which mimic the physics of real-life movement - as well as easy-to-use, zero-lag data virtualisation.
  • Unmatched performance - provide apps with gridviews that can easily handle millions of rows and thousands of columns, so your end-users won¿t have the frustration of waiting for their data.
  • Powerful feature set - and a simple integration experience lets you easily create powerful gridview apps with highly sought capabilities such as hierarchical master-detail, interactive 3D views, the industry¿s most advanced data virtualisation, MVVM support, and much more.
  • Subscription - delivers 1 year of priority support and upgrades, letting you concentrate resources on your own development, not on the datagrid. The Blueprint Edition provides the full C# source code, giving you a more in-depth understanding of the product.
  • Suited to large teams - provides the best experience on the market with remote data sources and greatly simplifies the coding for data virtualisation with LINQ. Facilitates development using MVVM. Integrates seamlessly into automated user interface test procedures (Coded UI Test).

Latest features

  • Features the addition of merged column headers for TableView and TableFlowView. This makes it easier to organise columns under headers than span multiple columns.
  • Supports Visual Studio 2012 - integrates with Visual Studio 2012 Toolbox and the documentation is compatible with Visual Studio 2012.

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