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Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET

Published By:  Xceed Software Inc

Read & write Zip archives without resorting to intermediate disk & memory storage

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Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET lets applications read or write fully standard Zip archives without resorting to intermediate disk/memory storage or temporary files. Archives and extracted files are immediately ready for processing while data is still being received. Just a few methods perform powerful Zip compression/decompression. Supports the BZip2, BWT, Deflate, Deflate64, and PPMd compression methods. AES encryption and decryption are supported for maximum WinZip compatibility. It even supports WinZip 12 and up (LZMA / UTF-8)! Events and properties monitor and control Zip writing/reading processes.

.NET technology

  • 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code available in the Blueprint Edition of Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET).
  • Object-oriented design created specifically for version 2.0 and up of the .NET Framework.
  • Seamless integration with the .NET base class libraries.
  • All error handling works through .NET exception classes.
  • Objects don¿t need to be explicitly disposed of.
  • CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).
  • Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.
  • Documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio
  • VB.NET and C# sample applications.
  • The .NET 4 build is compiled using the Client Profile.

Major Features

  • Lets applications read and write fully standard Zip archives without resorting to any intermediate disk/memory storage or temporary files whatsoever. This means optimised performance ideal for high-demand server environments, Biztalk servers, diskless operations, I/O-intensive Web sites, or any situation where real-time streaming zip/unzip capabilities are needed, or where memory or disk space is at a premium.
  • The product's main ZipWriter and ZipReader classes use any seekable or non-seekable Stream-based object as the target or source Zip archive, respectively, for complete flexibility and ¿on-the-fly¿ compression/decompression.
  • Lightweight libraries.
  • Creation of Zip archives begins as soon as data to compress has been received: no waiting for all of the files, or even for complete files. Doesn¿t need to know in advance the number or size of files.
  • Zip archives can be immediately sent over a network or saved locally as soon as the write process has begun, and the remainder of the archive becomes available as it is compressed.
  • Fast: Not needing to use temporary files when creating a Zip file means it's slightly faster than Xceed Zip for .NET when it comes to creating entirely new Zip files.
  • Secure: Because no temporary files are used while writing a Zip file, there is less chance of unauthorized access or modification of files during the Zip creation process.
  • Archived files are extracted and available instantly for further processing even if the component is still receiving the Zip archive.
  • The size or number of files in a Zip archive has absolutely no impact on memory and disk-space requirements.
  • Just a few methods and properties are needed to perform powerful Zip compression/extraction.
  • Supports the BZip2, BWT, Deflate, Deflate64, and PPMd compression methods.
  • AES encryption and decryption are supported for maximum WinZip compatibility. The AES encryption algorithm used by the component can now be set by the developer.
  • The only library to provide WinZip 12 compatibility, supporting the LZMA algorithm for improved compression in certain situations. Note: Zip files using WinZip 12¿s special JPEG recompression feature are not supported.
  • UTF-8 character encoding in headers for improved support of international characters in filenames and comments is provided.
  • Events and properties to monitor and control the Zip writing/reading processes are also provided.
  • Compatible with older zip tools.
  • The ZipWriter can generate uncompressed zip files that the product's ZipReader can read, increasing flexibility (combines the Deflate format and no compression).

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