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Veeam SMART Plug-In For VMware [Renewal]

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Veeam Smart Plug-In For VMware [Commercial - Renewal (1-Month) (Contract Consolidation) (1) Socket - Electronic Multiple Platforms]   £CALL   Email   Call Me
Veeam Smart Plug-In For VMware [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (1) Socket - Electronic Multiple Platforms]   £CALL   Email   Call Me
Veeam Smart Plug-In For VMware [Commercial - Renewal (1-Year) (Expired) (1) Socket - Electronic Multiple Platforms]   £CALL   Email   Call Me
Veeam Smart Plug-In For VMware [Commercial - Renewal (24/7 Premium Uplift) (1-Month) (Contract Consolidation) (1) Socket - Electronic Multiple Platforms]   £CALL   Email   Call Me
Veeam Smart Plug-In For VMware [Commercial - Renewal (24/7 Premium Uplift) (1-Year) (1) Socket - Electronic Multiple Platforms]   £CALL   Email   Call Me

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New Features
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The Veeam Smart Plug-in for VMware (Veeam SPI) integrates with HP Operations Manager and enables you to manage your physical and virtual infrastructure from a single management console. It publishes VMware performance, events, configuration, state and toplogy information directly into HP Operations Manager. The Veeam SPI includes all the components needed for secure, enterprise-ready operations with a distributed architecture, high availability and load balancing and offers continuous monitoring of the largest ESX environments with maximum efficiency and minimal overhead.

What's new in Veeam Smart Plug-in for VMware 5.7?

vSphere 5.0 support

Introduces support for VMware ESXi 5.0 and VMware vCenter Server 5.0. It monitors a dozen new vSphere 5.0 metrics on CPU, memory, disk latency and queue depth and more than 100 new vCenter events.

Advanced metrics

Introduces a new unique metric, the Disk Pressure measure which analyses storage configuration and warns of over allocation.

Enterprise-class scalability

New cluster splitting capabilities allows monitoring of clusters hosting thousands of virtual desktops. Cluster splitting is seamless to the end user in the Operations Manager console.

Other enhancements

Other enhancements include hardware monitoring, support for HP OMW 9, support for HP Performance Agent 11 and support for segmented monitoring and topology for datastores.

Extend your investments in HP Operations Manager

The Veeam SPI leverages and extends the investments you¿ve already made in Operations Manager by bringing VMware into the fold. It preserves the integrity of your unified Operations Manager console and the IT policies and practices you¿ve built around Operations Manager. You maintain compliance even as your environment changes and grows.

Manage everything from one console

With Veeam¿s SPI, you can manage everything from the Operations Manager console - physical and virtual. Operators have a complete view of the entire IT infrastructure, so they can identify the source of any problem and escalate it to the correct team to speed problem resolution and minimise impact on users. You get 24x7 monitoring of VMware with the operations personnel you already have in place.

Eliminate additional monitoring frameworks

With the Veeam SPI, you avoid the expense of buying, deploying, learning and maintaining another monitoring framework. You eliminate additional agents and administrative overhead, and instead leverage the expertise and the system you already have in place. And because the Veeam SPI is built on Operations Manager - and not simply connected to it - you get complete visibility and seamless management of VMware in Operations Manager.

Enterprise strength

Veeam¿s Smart Plug-in provides continuous monitoring of the largest, most demanding virtual environments. It features a centrally managed, distributed architecture for horizontal ¿no limits¿ scalability and automatic failover and load balancing for high availability. Optimised, user-configurable data publication methods and use of advanced features of Operations Manager deliver maximum information with minimal overhead.

Complete integration

The Veeam SPI integrates fully with both VMware and Operations Manager. It enables all Operations Manager functionality - including alerts, service maps, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses and automation - for all VMware components, including vCenter Server, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage and hardware. It includes a detailed health model with hundreds of metrics and events, including advanced metrics such as disk pressure, memory pressure and disk IOPS that are unique to the Veeam SPI, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base that serves as your VMware ¿expert in a box¿.

Proven architecture

Veeam¿s SPI collects data agentlessly from the vSphere API, eliminating the ¿tunnel vision¿ of an OS agent running in the VM and the overhead, risk and limited lifespan of an agent running in the hypervisor. The Veeam SPI has proven itself in over 500 enterprise deployments and is readily scalable with an Enterprise Manager that lets you quickly manage all the collectors from a single console.

Deep VMware visibility

The Veeam SPI provides more than just a traditional infrastructure-oriented view of the virtual environment. Veeam SPI monitors 500+ events and 175+ metrics covering all aspects of even the most complex VMware environments. VMware configuration information, such as DRS, vMotion and state change alerts, plus a detailed health model give you a bigger picture of what¿s going on in your environment, while a detailed Service Map gives you a deeper view of all the relationships and dependencies in the infrastructure.

The Veeam SPI also includes an extensive library of reports and graphs for HP Reporter, Performance Manager and Performance Insight. With the Veeam SPI, you will be able to chart cluster and resource pool utilisation, as well as host hardware sensor data. You can also customise reports and graphs to fit your VMware infrastructure needs using HP tools.

Supported HP Platforms

  • Operations Manager 7.5, 8.x and 9 for Windows
  • Operations Manager 8.x and 9.0 for Unix
  • Operations Manager 9.0 for Linux
  • Reporter 3.x or later
  • Service Navigator
  • HP Performance Agent 11
  • Performance Manager 8.x and 9.0
  • Performance Insight 5.4.

Supported VMware Platforms

  • vCenter Server 4.x and 5.0
  • Virtual Center 2.5
  • ESX 2.x, 3.x and 4.x
  • ESXi 3.5, 4.x and 5.0.

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