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Veeam ONE for VMware

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New Features

Veeam ONE is a powerful monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning tool for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and the Veeam backup infrastructure. It helps enable Availability for the Modern Data Center by providing complete visibility of the IT environment to detect issues before they have operational impact.

What's new in Veeam ONE v8?

Advanced capacity planning with 'what if' analysis and resource reservation

Advanced capacity planning helps you manage multiple deployment projects at the same time giving you the ability to reserve resources, plan hardware upgrades and review resource utilisation during possible disaster recovery (DR) situations.

Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring (VMware only)

Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring offers Veeam ONE users the ability to provide complete infrastructure visibility to tenants by using vCenter Server and vCloud Director granular user permissions. The feature, which is ideal for service providers and enterprise-level businesses, allows you to limit the scope of monitoring and reporting and ultimately delegate self-service responsibilities to individuals managing specific virtual machines (VMs) without ever compromising the security of each user’s data.

Veeam Cloud Connect monitoring and reporting

Veeam Cloud Connect monitoring and reporting provides service providers the ability to track usage data on each user.

Enhanced Veeam Backup & Replication Integration

  • Collection engine - A newly updated collection engine is now optimized to work with big data and multiple backup servers.
  • Monitoring - VM with no backups alarm, enhanced VM summary view, tape server support, new alarms and more.
  • Reporting - backup infrastructure assessment report, job configuration change tracking, orphaned VMs and more.
  • Scalability enhancements - advanced scalability mode.
  • Alarms - new predefined alarms, new alarm suppression options, enhanced notifications and more.
  • Other - vSAN support, vSphere Tags support, SNMP v2/v3 support and more.

24x7 real-time performance monitoring and alerting

Veeam ONE provides real-time, agentless and unattended 24x7 performance monitoring of your backup and virtual infrastructures, designed to notify you of issues before applications and users are negatively impacted. Veeam ONE monitoring functionality includes:

  • Over 200 preset alarms tied to an extensive knowledge base ensuring you are the first to know when issues are impacting availability
  • Useful information designed to help you isolate root cause and resolve issues quickly
  • Alarms dashboards designed to significantly reduce troubleshooting times
  • Additional drill-down data inside graphs and charts providing detailed data when you need it.

Detailed dashboards with informative drill-downs

Veeam ONE gives you at-a-glance views of the health and performance of your entire infrastructure. Dashboard displays also feature 1-click access to additional performance data and knowledge base articles, providing you with immediate access to the information you need to troubleshoot and maintain availability.

Monitoring of failover clusters, CSVs and SMB shares

Veeam ONE provides full monitoring support for Failover Clusters, including specific alarms, reports, charts and knowledge base articles for cluster shared volumes (CSVs), SMB shares and highly available SMB shares. Direct and indirect workloads for CSVs are differentiated in graphs to help you understand the impact of each type of workload on a data store and determine whether an issue is hardware- or configuration-based.

Performance and infrastructure analysis

Veeam ONE shows comprehensive resource consumption and workload data for hosts, clusters and data stores, with visibility down to individual virtual machines (VMs). Easily determine which components in your backup and VMware vSphere infrastructures are the largest resource consumers and which ESX(i) hosts are the least loaded. View actual cumulative I/O load on a particular data store to determine whether it is overloaded or can handle more VMs. You can even drill down into vSphere hosts and vCenter servers to do performance monitoring, as well as Windows and Linux/Unix VMs.

Integration with vCloud Director

The vCloud Director infrastructure is incorporated into monitoring and reporting views, giving you the context you need to effectively protect and manage your vCloud Director infrastructure.

Documentation and management reporting

Receiving timely and accurate information about your entire IT infrastructure is crucial to managing availability. Veeam’s documentation and management reporting helps you maintain full visibility and control by:

  • Monitoring the day-to-day health of your system
  • Delegating monitoring and reporting responsibilities to staff
  • Developing and automating unique reports for different organisational audiences
  • Simplifying audits and backup compliance
  • Consolidating the most crucial data you need in one location.

Predefined and customizable dashboards

Veeam ONE reporting dashboards are web-based interfaces that present at-a-glance information about your backup and virtual infrastructures. Predefined dashboards for backup, alarms, trends and more give you out-of-the-box visibility of what’s important in your virtual environment. You can also create and customize your own dashboards for unique views of your infrastructure.

Infrastructure assessments

Veeam ONE’s infrastructure assessment reports help monitor repository requirements for your VMs and backup readiness, simplifying deployment and management. The report provides VM configuration analysis reporting on all unsupported configurations and possible issues that may occur during backup jobs. Veeam ONE v8 adds an additional layer of visibility with the introduction of assessment reporting designed to verify if your Veeam Backup & Replication installation meets all known best practices.

Delegate responsibilities with Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring for VMware

Multi-tenant reporting and monitoring is a significant time saver, allowing IT managers using VMware vSphere to delegate reporting and monitoring responsibilities to system admins over a limited scope of assigned VMs without compromising data security and privacy. Admins can be granted access to easily monitor and customize reporting for their own VMs while managers can prebuild individual backup reports that can be delivered globally across the entire team and prepopulate individual dashboards with filtered results, eliminating the need for repetitive report building and saving hours each month.

Multi-tenant reporting for MSPs (VMware only)

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) offering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) can also leverage multi-tenant reporting and monitoring. By offering discreet, self-service monitoring and reporting for individual tenants designed to improve their overall service offering and eliminate time-consuming, manually generated reports for each tenant, MSPs can hand over more control to tenants, while at the same time, better safeguard tenant data by eliminating manual report functions that can sometimes result in accidental data exposure.

Custom Report Builder provides complete visibility

Your days of pulling multiple reports to get the crucial operational data you need are over. Now, Veeam ONE’s flexible and powerful reporting functionality makes report building easier than ever. The new Custom Report Builder allows you to pull data from any field inside any existing report into one, all-inclusive document, providing you the complete visibility you need in one manageable format.

Automated and on-demand reporting for Veeam Backup & Replication

More than 25 reports help you review backup status and jobs, understand bandwidth and storage utilization, see your savings from Built-in WAN Acceleration, audit operator restore activity, perform chargeback for backup and more. Reports can be created on demand or set up for automatic generation and delivery.

Complete visibility of your entire virtual environment

Veeam ONE provides information you need to verify you are leveraging virtualization as efficiently as possible by analyzing your entire infrastructure. It maintains a complete history of all objects, settings and changes, presents the data and recommendations you need to right-size your environment, and provides utilization information for assigning chargeback costs.

Change tracking

Virtual infrastructures are dynamic and changes impacting performance can come from administrators or even the hypervisor. Veeam ONE provides complete change tracking for VMware— to make change auditing and forensic analysis totally transparent, so you are aware of every change.

Advanced capacity planning with 'what if' analysis and resource reservation

Veeam ONE’s advanced analysis takes the guesswork out of capacity planning. Heterogeneous capacity planning helps you safely add or remove VMs or hosts from your infrastructure during deployment projects by forever replacing risky manual calculations with fully automated “what-if' planning, making for worry-free system changes and upgrades. You can manage multiple deployment projects at the same time giving you the ability to reserve resources, plan hardware upgrades and review resource utilization during possible DR situations.

Know when and how to add capacity

It’s not enough to simply be alerted when your utilization nears capacity. You need a tool that provides complete visibility and intuitive recommendations designed to help you plan growth while avoiding service slowdowns or even failures. Veeam ONE analyzes historical trends and identifies overcommitted resources to provide accurate suggestions for resource reservations during complicated concurrent deployment projects. Real-time data store I/O counters are incorporated in threshold analysis and resource provisioning recommendations, providing practical, “real-world' perspectives that take both resource availability and resource performance into consideration.

Maximize storage with thin provisioning

Are you getting top performance out of your data stores? Thin provisioning of virtual disks allows you to stretch resources and avoid underutilization of your environment’s storage capacity. To help you safely maximize your storage capacity, Veeam ONE alerts you to when and shows you how to balance storage allocations so you can avoid service disruptions and ensure your VMs have the resources they need.

Business and technical views of your infrastructure

Veeam ONE enables both technical- and business-oriented views of the virtual infrastructure. You can monitor and report on dynamically built groups of hosts, clusters, virtual machines and data stores categorized by:

  • business unit
  • geographic location
  • department
  • service level
  • server type
  • any other defined criteria.

Gain a business view of your virtual environment

Veeam ONE offers an automated, flexible and dynamic way to categorize and group your clusters, hosts, VMs and data stores by criteria such as business unit, department, purpose and SLA. With Veeam ONE business categorization, you can view and manage your virtual infrastructure based on your organization’s needs and priorities.

Prioritize resource allocation and control VM sprawl

With Veeam ONE's business categorization, you can monitor and report on resource utilization for logical groups of objects. You can also see which objects don't conform to your categorization criteria, giving you an easy way to detect VM sprawl.

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