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VMware Workstation Player [Commercial - Support]

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v12.x Commercial - Support (Basic) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum Of 10* Multiple Platforms   £22.52   Email   Add to Basket
v12.x Commercial - Support (Production) (1-Year) (1) Licence - Electronic *Minimum Of 10* Multiple Platforms   £26.88   Email   Add to Basket

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VMware Workstation can virtualise multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, on a single desktop and is packed with features useful for power users, IT administrators, developers, testers, technical support personnel and more. Each virtual machine represents a physical PC complete with processor, memory, network connections and peripheral ports. Switch between your main operating system and your virtual machines with a click of the mouse, share files between your physical and virtual machines using simple drag-and-drop and access your USB devices in the virtual machine. With VMware Workstation you can even run multiple virtual machines at once to simulate physical multi-tier systems, use snapshots to record and restore the virtual machine state and much more.

Broadest Host and Guest Operating System Support

  • Runs on both Windows and Linux host operating systems and supports over 200 guest operating systems - including most desktop and server editions of Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris x86, Netware, FreeBSD and more
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit host and guest operating systems
  • Supports four-way Virtual SMP

Best-in-class Virtual Machine Architecture
  • Fully configurable - each virtual machine has configurable memory size, disks and I/O devices and support for CD, DVD, floppy and USB 2.0 devices
  • Specify up to 64GB of RAM per virtual machine
  • 64-bit sound driver for high-fidelity audio and video
  • Easily switch between virtual machines, suspend/resume them and pause them
  • Easily copy and share virtual machines by creating full and linked clones
  • Convert physical machines into virtual machines and import virtual machine formats from Microsoft, Symantec and Storage Craft
  • Support for record and replay of guest activity at the machine state and instruction level
  • 256 AES encryption of virtual machine data

Advanced Network Support
  • Powerful virtual networking options include Bridged, NAT, host-only and custom virtual network settings
  • Built-in DHCP server, and up to 10 virtual switches, enable connection of virtual machines to each other, to the host machine and to public networks
  • Run multi-tier applications on a single physical PC
  • Specify network bandwidth and packet loss rate between virtual machines in a team

Richest Desktop Experience
  • Configure a virtual machine to span multiple monitors, or multiple virtual machines to each display on separate monitors
  • Create shared folders and drag-and-drop, and copy-paste data between guest and host OSes
  • Connect high-speed USB 2.0/3.0 devices, including webcams and iPods
  • Resize the guest's screen resolution automatically to fit the size of a window or full screen, or run virtual machines in the background without using the Workstation user interface
  • Map a virtual disk to a drive letter on Windows host
  • Capture all screen activity in a running virtual machine with movie record and playback feature
  • Easily print from virtual machines without having to install printer drivers or connect the network printer
  • AutoProtect functionality automatically takes snapshots at pre-defined intervals in case of system failure

Powerful Development and Test Features
  • Debug applications in the guest OS, attach to a running process, and revert to a snapshot after the debug session has ended with Visual Studio and Eclipse integration
  • Capture and easily manage point-in-time copies of running virtual machines and 'undo' changes with the multiple snapshot feature
  • Manage connected virtual machines and simulate multi-tier configurations with teams feature
  • Enable remote users to connect to virtual machines from VNC clients with built-in VNC support
  • Invoke any virtual machine command from scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Use SpringSource Tools Suite to run and debug Java applications in a virtual machine without leaving the development environment
  • Run VMware ESXi and VMware vSphere as virtual machines to test server virtualisation setups

Security and Mobility
  • Package and deploy virtual machines with optional VMware ACE authoring capability, enabling encryption, network access and password control on portable media devices.

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