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Desktop Virtualisation


VMware View

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VMware View

Published By:  VMware

Transform desktop management and deliver virtual desktops to your users

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New Features
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VMware View 5.x enables the delivery of virtual desktops to users, complete with operating system, applications and data. Improve desktop management with quick desktop provisioning, keep applications up-to-date with better patch management and enhance security with central management of security policies. Improve desktop accessibility with the ability to access desktops on thin and thick clients and mobile devices, even on WAN connections. Even access peripheral devices and play multi-media content.

New features in VMware View 5.1

  • Enhanced performance over high latency and lossy networks - up to 8x the performance over WAN and Wi-Fi networks. View 5.1 can now support networks with a latency of up to 300ms round-trip time (RTT) and provides better performance in lossy network environments with an enhanced ability to tolerate packet loss.
  • Video playback performance improvements - up to 3x improved video playback performance, for example higher end Windows clients can play hi-fidelity 1080P video and single-core Atom-based thin clients are capable of playing rich 720P video.
  • Optimised view client performance - enhanced compression techniques help to reduce the client memory footprint, thus improving performance on lower end thin clients.
  • Improved interactivity - up to a 2x increase in frame rate during rapid windows drag operations and enhanced prioritisation for important mouse updates.

New features in VMware View 5

  • View Media Services for 3D graphics - enable basic 3D applications such as Windows Aero to display in View desktops without the need for specialised graphics cards or client devices.
  • View Media Services for Integrated Unified Communications - enables an integrated VOIP and View desktop experience for the end-user.
  • View Persona Management - associates a user persona to stateless floating desktops enabling user personalisation to persist between sessions (only available in View Premier).
  • PCoIP Extension Services - allow WMI based tools to collect over 20 session statistics for monitoring, trending and troubleshooting.
  • PCoIP Optimisation Controls - enables IT administrators to configure the bandwidth settings by use case, user or network requirements.
  • PCoIP Continuity Services - deliver a seamless end-user experience regardless of network reliability by detecting interruptions and automatically reconnecting the session.
  • View client for Android - enables Android-based tablets to access View virtual desktops.
  • Enhanced security - integration with vShield Endpoint enables offloaded and centralised anti-virus and anti-malware, plus there is new support for RSA SecureID.
  • vSphere 5 support - run View desktop services on the latest version of vSphere.

What's included?

  • VMware vSphere Desktop - Designed specifically for desktops, this edition of VMware vSphere provides a highly scalable, reliable and robust platform for running virtual desktops and applications, with built-in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities to protect desktop data and availability without the cost and complexity of traditional solutions.
  • VMware vCenter Server for Desktops - This edition of VMware vCenter Server is the central management hub for VMware vSphere and gives you complete control and visibility over clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage, networking and other critical elements of your virtual infrastructure.
  • VMware View Manager - View Manager enables IT administrators to centrally manage thousands of virtual desktops from a single console to streamline the management, provisioning and deployment of virtual desktops. In addition, end-users connect through View Manager to securely and easily access VMware View virtual desktops.
  • VMware ThinApp - VMware ThinApp is an agentless application virtualisation solution that streamlines application delivery while eliminating conflicts. As part of VMware View, ThinApp simplifies repetitive administrative tasks and reduces storage needs for virtual desktops by maintaining applications independently from the underlying OS.
  • VMware View Persona Management - Persona Management dynamically associates the user persona to stateless floating desktops. Administrators can easily deploy pools of lower cost stateless, floating desktops and allow users to maintain their designated settings between sessions.
  • VMware Composer - VMware View Composer lets customers easily manage pools of ¿like¿ desktops by creating gold master images that share a common virtual disk. All cloned desktops linked to a master image can be patched or updated through VMware View Manager by simply updating the single master image, without affecting users¿ settings, data or applications.
  • VMware View Client - Enables access to centrally hosted virtual desktops from Windows PCs, Macs, thin clients, zero clients, iPads, and Android-based clients. View Client with Local Mode allows access to virtual desktops running on a local Windows based endpoint regardless of network availability.
  • VMware vShield Endpoint - Offloads and centralises antivirus and anti-malware (AV) solutions, eliminating agent sprawl and AV storm issues while minimising the risk of malware infection and simplifying AV administration in virtualised environments.

Please refer to the editions section to see which components are included in each edition.

VMware View Enterprise

VMware View Enterprise contains:

  • VMware vSphere Desktop - provides the virtualisation functionality for desktops
  • VMware vCenter Server for Desktops - provides the management functionality for virtual desktops
  • VMware View Manager - centralises control over desktops, user data and settings

VMware View Premier

VMware View Premier contains:

  • All the functionality of View Enterprise, plus:
  • VMware View Composer - Reduce storage requirements and improve management by linking desktop images to a single master image, allowing IT to manage 1000s of desktops as a single image
  • VMware ThinApp - virtualise applications and, for example, stream them from a network share reducing the size of the desktop images
  • VMware View Persona Management - centrally manage user persona and enable user personalisation to persist between sessions
  • VMware vShield Endpoint - Offload, centralise and simplify anti-virus and anti-malware processing, deployment and management
  • VMware View Client with Local Mode - ensures online and offline user access to virtual desktops.

Basic Support

  • 12x5 Mon-Fri support for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Unlimited support via phone or Web (target initial response time for severity 1 issues: 4 business hours)
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Up to 4 support admins per contract

Production Support

  • 24x7x365 support for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Unlimited support via phone or Web (target initial response time for severity 1 issues: 30 minutes)
  • Online access to documentation and technical resources, knowledge base, discussion forums
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Onsite Support for Exceptional Escalations
  • Up to 6 support admins per contract

Per-Incident Support

  • Buy as a single pack, 3 or 5 pack
  • Provides support for a specific issue and may involve several interactions with technical support before resolution
  • Please Note: VMware does not offer incident based support on all their products.

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